66 Malibu


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Sorry for the late reply guys.

Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated.

I used AK engine grime for the engine. It was my first time using it. Pretty easy to use. I also used a little of the AK engine oil effect as well. Of course I started off with a basic black wash.

Have some pics soon. I redid the fuel tank in the back. Just couldn't go the shampoo bottle top. Wasn't working for me. :)


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Here is new fuel tank I made.

I added the kit supplied racing exhaust. I'm not sure if I should rust it up or leave as is because I'm not quite sure what they are made of. ???

And added the grill and tires.

I think besides painting the fuel tank it is pretty much onto weatherin.

Thanks for looking in.


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Nice update Matt, fuel tanks looking cool and i really love the rust and stains in the back of the truck.

Top work


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eh up buddy.it`s all coming together now!it looks mint mym8,
you`ve really gone to town on this...i love it..a could just see it in zombieland!! ;D..cheers peza


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Thanks Mike and Peza.

Ya Grendels, that is what I was thinking originally. I wish I would have had some stainless Alclad but I had to settle for aluminum. Looking from above I like the contrast of the pipes sticking out behind the cab.


I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. : )
Love this build noname. Incredible weathering and the overall look is very original. Top Shelf.


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You Rocked out with your welder out!
This is super awesome. Like Q said, very nice/realistic "cobbled together" look.
I especially like the look of the drum/turret!
;D ;D ;D ;D


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eh up buddy.
this is amazing build mym8.i think it`s mint.
it`s got the look of an old work horse!!ya paint techniques are just breath taking.
top marks and cheers for sharing it.........peza :eek:

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