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May 7, 2009
100 members in just over a week or so, that's great going Scott well done!

I think I'll give this site top marks for layout and top marks for diversity.
Quality of builds being displayed on the site, 109% for that.
Moderation, Excellent and entertaining! 10 out of 10 for them.
Addictiveness, 22 out of a possible 22.5.
Beardyness, very low (which is good) even with the beard thread started by Phil :D

Overall score = 99.95 out of a possible 100. you lost .5 for not checking your rear mirror when turning left. Oh and the IE spell checker hates checking my spelling on this site but I've not considered that in my deliberations OK


Well it was hear and i thought I'd make use of it.
100 Users! Woo yay. Now let's just hope that all 100 are staying active as well. :D
Congrats Nerd Herd!

Scott, thanks for creating this place, it is great! :eek: ;D :D

Thanks guys. I do appreciate it. Keep in mind though - I just installed the software, YOU are making the forum. I am pleased - to say the least - at the rate of growth. It's awesome! Happy modeling!
i love this forum. it is the first that i have signed on to and actually posted on (this on being my second post). love the information and all the information. gratz on the 100 members. :D

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