1/72 FAUN SLT-50 and TPZ-1 FUCHS.


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May 4, 2009
The main hauler is mostly assembled. Still yet more PE to add to the cab. I have also started on its cargo. The TPZ-1 Fuchs. Looking at this kit and my references its easy to see that with some careful work alot of the interior could be easily visible. The kit was made with seperate front doors. so the drivers compartment was a given. The rear doors were molded as one flat piece with th rear sides. So i took my micro saws and seperated the door section from the middle and am adding the troop compartment as well. Its pretty basic and has room for 10 troops. The variant of the Fuchs im making is for a combat engineer section. This is identified by the 2 drum shapes on the roof. I have one drum installed now. They are for holding razor wire and the associated pegs for fitting it into the ground.
For the Fuchs kit its not terribly inaccurate just simple. Adding grab handels and other details would dress this kit up nicely even straight from the box. Theres a few left off compared to the refs i have. My main reference for the Fuchs is the Concored books "German Wheeled AFVs" the book is full color and over 50% of it is dedicated to the Fuchs and its variants. Excellent resource for anyone into modern german armor.

Really incredible. I like photoetched parts very much. They add a lot of detail and realism to your model. Great work so far.
What's Wrong with you ????

You make us Look Bad ! Stop that !!!!!

I had the "Fusch"... Way too small for my Taste !
Just the Tires alone drove me nuts... How well Revell had done them... for such a small vehicle !

why don't you take a shot of your Finger, next to one of those babies !!!
for size comp. peoples may realize how small your details work is !!!

Nice Going ! 8)


Thanks guys. Ill include a better scale shot with a finger or the Mt Dew can. for reference now though each square on the cutting mat is 1/2 inch across. Going to do more interior work. Get the crew seats made and such. Ill do some down and some folded. Each seat can fold up for more room. Then theres bulkhead and wall detailing as well.
Did some detail work on the Fuchs today. Got the upper hatch finished, the rear door is coming along and fits snugly inside its mounts. I have also started adding the smaller details inside the troop compartment. Seats were added to the drivers compartment. These were taken from a dragon 1/72 HMMWV. Basically im working the details overall. Next up ill probably be making the 10 seats that go in the troop compartment. Id give a go at casting them but i have no resin and rubber. Other noteable details are the big wing nuts on top of the razor wire bins. These and the grab handles were very under represented as molded. On the actual vehicle these are a very large nut with 2 lengths of wire welded to them. I replicated this with a grandt line nut and stretched sprue.

If that was in 1/35 scale I would be quite impressed with the level of detail you've achieved, but in Braille Scale? I bow my head and rub my eyes!! Great work there, me amigo, great work.
Where did ya get the giant hands?

Wadda ya mean this isn't 35th scale? Don't be silly, look at the detail! It's really good detail for a 35th scale kit. Now way that can be 72nd! I am seriously tripping out here. That is...

Right, I am taking up knitting. :D

Is It the 72nd elephant variant?

I am very tempted in picking one up! And copy the 4axles trailer config. And up scale it to 35th scale.
The trailers we used in Germany back in the 80's and 90's was of that type.

Nice going on all tour mods. Hope you get to finish it one day!

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