1/6 scale Bandai Stormtrooper build log.


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Jan 27, 2011
Thought I'd throw up a short build log of my recent purchase of the 1/6 scale Bandai Stormtrooper, it's a very highly detailed kit and looks fantastic.

Starting with the instruction booklet which is very well laid out with clear images, there are also instructions included for decal / sticker placement.


The sprues are nicely organised into groups that wont have you fishing backwards and forwards for parts and most of the cut away tabs are strategically placed to be concealed when the parts are put together, there are only a couple of places where smoothing with a sanding sponge was needed.

The helmet pieces went together quite easily except for the brow (brim) piece, the tab on the left side needed a bit of trimming for it to snap securely into the hole, I'm some what disappointed that the brow piece doesn't sit flush against the helmet for it leaves a noticeable gap.


With the head piece complete it was time to move onto the chest area and lower torso, the pieces snapped together with ease, the ball joints that snap in the arms move freely and don't feel too loose nor do they snag on any of the surrounding parts.

The head piece has quite a bit of articulation to it which is very cool for dynamic action posing.


The groin piece's were equally simple to snap into place and connected to the torso nicely, so far smooth sailing.


The leg joints and feet have some movable parts, the mechanics are quite ingenious.


The leg joints can be slightly extended for a taller looking trooper which also aids in it's articulation when dynamic posing but you risk exposing the joints which actually kills the over all look of it.


The rest of the pieces are coming together quite nicely, the ammo pouches, ammo belt, thermal detonator and holster snapped in perfectly, the ankle joints are very rigid where you don't need the use of the stand, he stands very solidly without it.


Much like the legs, the arms and shoulders went together with ease, you have a choice of various palm and finger grips for posing / gripping his weapons, I chose to assemble and pose him with his E-11 Blaster.

The weapons themselves need to be built but only consisting of smaller pieces that complete their final detail.


I also build his SE-14 pistol.


Completed construction, just need to apply the decals which I forgot to mention that the kit comes with both decal and sticker options.


I really enjoyed building my trooper so much that I built a second, the quality is great being Bandai of course, ease of construction apart from the helmet brow (brim) piece, the figure is solid and sturdy enough that you don't really need to use the stand, the armour is spotless from any scratches and blemishes and the connectors and their joints can be hidden nicely but as I said earlier, any dynamic posing that require the joints to be extended will expose the joints leaving noticeable gaps where they connect.

The various finger and palm grips are a nice touch but I wish Bandai could've made these areas more articulate or moulded them with slightly more detail for they look very toyish up close.

Some have mentioned the head sculpts on these 1/6 scale Bandai Stromtroopers are too big but I cannot confirm or deny that for they look great to me, maybe it's the angle or the pose they choose to have him in, all in all I had fun building them and they look great posed with my custom 1/6 Sideshows / Hot Toys Darth Vader.

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Jan 27, 2011
Looks really good.
I haven't tackled any of the larger figures. But this one looks good

Thank you. I did a head piece comparison with my Sideshows Sandtrooper, the Bandai's are indeed a little bigger in size but hardly noticeable depending on the angle you pose them in.

I looked at them as a cheaper alternative to the Hot Toys versions and they worked out really well as side pieces for my Vader display.

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