1/47th scale BRASS CANNON --------- fully scratched, again


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Jul 7, 2022
Here's a Cannon, this is meant to be a British 9lb Cannon.

Saw the drawing for this little Cannon in the Model Engineer ( English publication ) can't remember the date it was printed, but it was about 30 yrs odd ago, or maybe even more.

Tried to make it as a 24th scale model, as suggested by the publication, the only problem was I had a Unimat 3 lathe and couldn't turn the tyres and wooden wheels at 1/24th scale. So I decided to make it as per the drawing on the page of the publication, think it worked out to be about 1/47th scale, but I could now turn the wooden wheels and tyres.

Reason I made this little toy, was there happened to be a model show run by the Ipms and they reckoned that the Kenworth SAR, Dolly and Low Loader were made directly out of a kit and no matter what anybody told them, they knew better. Any prizes handed out at their show, had to go to the ipms D/Heads as well, their motto was ------------- " If it don't shoot, ------- then the model is $#it ".

This turnout was decidedly one sided / VERY crooked back then.

I knocked it up in about 5 or 6 weeks at night and weekends, then entered it into this decidedly rigged show, waited until the last moment to enter it and nobody took any notice of somebody coming in so late, these dudes reckoned they had it sown up amongst each other once again.
No-one actually recognized me when I put it on the table, but there were some very indignant red faces when the prizes were given out, I really enjoyed watching these A/holes jaws drop, when accepting the medal for this midget cannon.

This is what got me interested in Scale Model Horse Drawn Vehicles, I made the first set of wheels for this model and they looked just plain wrong. So had a look around and went to the Cobb & Co Museum at Toowoomba, Qld and saw just how wooden spoked wheels should look like. Remade the wheels for the Cannon and after all the dust had cleared from that model show, I then started to make the Horse Drawn stuff.

Anyway, have a look and see what you think of it.

Sorry about the photo's being so small, but this is all I could get back from Webshots, when they closed all the free accounts, bunch of absolute A/holes that lot.


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Jun 20, 2009
WOW!! This is beautiful!! I would love to do stuff like this. If only I had the tooling and a place to work I would love to make toys and dollhouse furniture.

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