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May 11, 2009
This time around I moved back to the Star Wars genre to build JPG's Juggernaut.
The model comes in quite a few parts - many of them being the wheels -

Each wheel has a few mm of extra resin from the pour, and this needs to come off. I do have a sanding wheel, but the kit wheels small, and I was afraid of sanding the tips of my fingers off, so I still used the sanding wheel, but sanded with the power off. Its a coarse grit and went pretty quickly, but doing all 20 halves made it into a "wax on, wax off" type of situation. I was glad when they were all done.

But after that, the chassis and the body parts went together almost too easy. All extra parts almost fell in place. What a nicely designed kit.

One little snag was at the end of the main body there were a few series of tiny bubbles, but some Tamiya putty made short work of them - -

After priming, Next, came out my Vallejo Silver Gray color. This is a good color to use when you want to paint white. If you use white straight away, then you have no where to go to highlight. I did add White to a few panels here and there - -

Having gotten the vehicle toggether, primed and painted the next step was together decals on. Looking through the instructions there's no real indications of where the decals go besides the obvious stipes on the sides and the designs on the front and rear. So okay I'll wing it. Cut get the first decal ready to go on and put on the front of the vehicle and ... whoa ... they are *very* transparent. This isn't going to work. So the decals go inb the garbage and I get my red paint, and Tamiya tape and I'll just do it free hand. When the striping as done, I thought it looked pretty good -
Coming to the close here I felt I needed some sort of base to indicate the fighting that was going on. I too some Celluclay onto one of the woodn plaques I got from Michaels and made some uneven terrain. I decided at this point that I would add a few bomb craters, and maybe I would find something to drop into a crater. When the Celluclay was dry, I primed black as I wanted to go for a scorched earth look. Adding some sand with PVA glue added to the texture-

The middle of the dio was left blank. No point in detail the part that will never been see again... ;) Now I had to look for something to drop into the largest bomb crater. The model is supposed to be 1:350 scale and it was pretty tough to find something of comparable scale. In the end I figured I just wing it and found a Spider Droid from a miniatures game on eBay -

The droid came in a week, and as I thought it was pretty toy like. But I figured it was going to be blown up in the crater so I could really do a number on it. First thing I cut the antenna from the top of his head, the two back legs and then cut his nose gun off. I found a replacement gun in the form of a very thing brass tube. Time to get the drill out. I drill out the hole for the nose gun, the left eye, and a large jagged hole to the side of the left. eye. The right eye I shaved down with an Xacto blade. I think to some of my very thin lead wire and created exposed wires that hung out of the hole, and the eye, and from the separated legs. I also took a pliers and bent the nose gun. Yeah he's pretty messed up. I then painted him with various pigments to make it look like he really exploded. I glued the main body into the crater and the legs went nearby -

All that was left to do was to add black and white pigments to simulate ash, and then some brown pigments for some bare soil and I was done. Thanks for looking.




Feb 12, 2013
That weathering is, well,, so trashy looking. So perfect I guess! Really nice nice job! 8)

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