1/350 IJN "AKAGI"


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Hi Brian!! Thanks for your comment and question!

To answer Brian about adding crew figures...most times for a formal ship mount (not waterlined), I would not add crew myself. If, however, the ship was set into a water diorama, or waterlined in an action pose...crew figures would be quite appropriate and I would have added a couple dozen I think. And the Northstar ones would be the ones I'd use for sure. But I wanted a more formal mount.... with a nice mounting board (in this case, a nice piece of Brazilian walnut...pics of it and the pedestals to follow tomorrow)

Thanks again for your kind words everyone...and thank-you for viewing my post.
Warm regards, Tim


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Here's a couple pics of the actual mount... Brazilian walnut with hi-gloss spar varnish and 4 brass lamp finials coated in Future:

Come back tomorrow and I will have it mounted with its brass plate attached too!
Cheers to all and thanks for your support! - Tim


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A stunning build. :eek: I can only imagine the amount of work and patience that goes into such a build.

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