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May 9, 2009
Hey Guys, From Downunder , This is my Panzer 11 build on the bench at the moment a bit more weatherin & detail & she will hit the Shelf.



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A very finely painted and weathered model. Are you going to chuck a commander in?

Chas ;)
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Thanks guys, A Dio hey its been a while will need some ideas for that then, so lets have some feed back on that then , Hey Chas!.
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Hey! Well, I would first need to know where this particular panzer model served? Eastern or Western front?

Then we will have to establish the season (i.e summer, winter etc.)

Then we can discuss the creative aspect!

Again, the model looks really great dude.

Chas ;)
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I'm going to be the poop on this one. The model looks great, but unfortunately, according to current research, never could have existed. There are 3 items which conflict: the camo scheme, the vehicle type and the divisional symbol. The 2 tone brown and gray camo scheme was in use from July, 1937 until June 1940 (Jentz, Panzer tracts 1-2, pp1-188 - 1-191). The vehicle, which I am assuming is the Tamiya Panzer II ausf F was in production from March 1941- December 1942 (Chamberlain & Doyle, Encyclopedia of German Tanks of WW2 (revised), p33). The 11th Panzer Division (the "Ghost" Division) wasn't formed until August 1940. The armor component of the division was taken from 5th PD (15 Panzer Rgt.) and re-assigned after the French Campaign (September 1940). Here's the rub: the color scheme you picked was used up until the shortly after the French Campaign and the vehicle you modeled wasn't built until 9 months after the color change, at the earliest. Finally, the division didn't get the Regiment until September, 1940 (3 months after the camo change, 5 months before ausf F production was even begun). While the model looks nice (and most people won't know the difference), to us Nerds, it could never have existed.
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Even with all Georg's notes on acuracy (wow! what a fantastic resource!) I'd like to say I think it's pretty sharp. I am not by any means an expert on much when it comes to stuff like unit crests and so on, however I do subscribe to the Shep Pane idea that impression sometimes is more important and allows one to complete a model rather than to become stalled by endless searching for exacting details. He often used the term creative gizmology and for what it's worth, I kinda find myself siding with Shep. It's totally due to my lack of knowledge, but I am happy and I like to spread happy.
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i think you did an excellent paint job and don't mind the accuracy... you can just say the tank crew where very upbeat persons and always where ahead of their time... ;) one thing tho, no holes in the barrels?

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this is awesome. the rust on the track looks magnifique
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Was just wondering what scale it is. I had a look around to find some info regarding it's size, but I'm a noob to this whole "forum" thing so forgive my ignorance if it's scale is posted somewhere.
The Colour is very nice. The Weathering of the Tracks are very realistic. At least its not a Panzer 11. Its a Panzer II hehe!

Great lookin' Panzer II ! The weathering is Spot-On ! I love th Ghost Division !! It looks Very well Worn & Loved !


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