1/144 Bandai Millennium Falcon Complete Build Log.


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Jan 27, 2011
Hi and welcome back all, great to see the site back up.

There's a ton of 1/144 Bandai MF's around and you've probably seen them all, I'd just like to share mine here with you all.

Recently completed my Bandai Falcon, I applied various painting and weathering techniques learned from reading other's build logs and watching hours of YouTube video's.

Parts used:
  • Base kit, Bandai 1/144 Millennium Falcon TFA model kit
308 Bits Shapeways parts:
  • Turret Well Windows set
    Engine Exhaust Vents set
    Cabin Cone (5 footer)
    Laser Yoke and Laser Cannon set
    Docking Rings set (5 footer)
    (Optional) Radar Mount Base and Round Radar set (5 footer)
  • Tirydium Models TFA Millennium Falcon Lighting Kit SW-09
Kitbashed addons:
  • Electric Guitar D string for Landing Gear hoses
    Extra fiber for Headlights and Caution lights
Parts excluded from the base kit:
  • Boarding Ramp D2-24,D2-25 and D2-26 parts
    Turret Well Windows A15 and Cabin A14 clear parts
    Engine Exhaust Vents F3 and F4 parts
    Cockpit Cabin E1-24 and E1-2 parts
    Landing Gear Covers A12, A13, A17, A19, A20 parts
    Laser Canons F6 and F13 parts
    Docking Rings F2, F5, E1-4 and E2-44 parts
Decals used:
  • Only applied the logo decals from the Bandai sheet and the red decal that goes on the front of the Cockpit Tube.
Everything including the panels and markings were painted with Archive-X enamels, weathered with mig oils Starship Filth, and Black (lightened), no panel or pin washes.

I primed everything with a flat black acrylic before hand and proceeded to add the damage using a dremel and a heat gun to bend some areas of the panelling.



I removed the original mounts for the dish replacing them with styrene tube so I could have the option to swap them out on display.

I used a spare guitar string to kitbash some of the hydraulic hoses on the landing gear, I bent the ends of the string to help anchor them into the holes then glued them in place.


Used my hobby knife to cut away a channel in the tabs to route the fiber strand for my mandible headlights.

I widened the opening for the battery compartment so I could mount the battery holder to the cargo lift cover.

Started painting the tiny details in the cockpit as well as the figures then masked off the nose cone ready for a base coat.

Installed the fibers in the back-wall and mushroomed the ends to prevent them from popping out, I then tacky glued them into place.

My plan for the battery holder worked just fine after applying some tacky glue which I also applied around the wire connections themselves for added strength.

Lighting test... I used only three of the four engine leds , the fourth will light the Mandible headlights and the red caution lights, I also opted not to use the original mounting and instead trimmed away the middle support pillar to use as the mount for the middle engine led.

Painted the details in the Gun-wells, drilled the mounting holes for the nano lights which are held in place with more tacky glue... after taking a look at my reference photo's I noticed the kit Gun-well controls didn't have the hose on the front console's so I kitbashed some using more guitar string.

Another lighting test before moving on to the next step.

I airbrushed a light layer of Archive-X reefer white base coat and continued to masked off the panels that needed to be painted.

More painting...

Preshaded the Mandibles and other areas.

I knocked back the panel colours with a mist of base coat then applied a clear gloss over everything ready for weathering stages...

Added damage and more predominant weathering to certain areas of the kit...


Started detailing the landing gear with rust and mig oils and also used a black Gundam marker to emulate chipping around the edges of the doors and under the feet...

More follows in next post...
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Jan 27, 2011
Build log continued...

Applied the tiny decals everywhere then sealed them with a light coat of clear gloss...

Streaking with mig oils begins...

I dabbed a couple of spots of mig Starship Filth and black on the nose of the mandibles then blended with a soft brush.

Stage 1 of streaking completed on the top and bottom hulls... I only used mig oils Starship Filth and Black.


Worked out the wire routing for my kit, I used some cable sleeving and heatshrink to bundle the fibers together... I also used tacky glue to mount the main lighting board to the lower hull... I used tin foil for light leak blocking in and around the engine area.

Weathering continues on the engine deck and exhaust vents, I didn't want to go too heavy on this area as I've seen some do... I used oils to discolour some of the panels then afterward layered a thin coat of Testors flat clear over the entire model.

Although complete., I feel I could have done certain things better (painting wise) but I went with the less is more approach and avoided the whole panel wash thing.

Nuff said, here is the completed model... photo's taken under warm lighting.


Photo's with round dish.

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May 22, 2009
What a piece of junk!

And I mean that in the very best ways when discussing this ship.
Your work shows throughout


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Jun 12, 2015
I notice you lighted those two small lights inside the middle area between the mandibles. Nice! I noticed those lights while watching TESB and considered lighting those on my FM 1:144 kit I am somewhat currently working on.


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Jan 27, 2011
I notice you lighted those two small lights inside the middle area between the mandibles. Nice! I noticed those lights while watching TESB and considered lighting those on my FM 1:144 kit I am somewhat currently working on.

Awesome, I too have a FM 1:144 kit in my model stash, I'll get around to building it some day, I was actually going to use it's side walls for the mandibles on my Bandai kit.

I think that is where I saw it too during a scene on TESB, my original plan was to use one of the four engine led's on my lighting kit and install only the headlights but I saw that there was enough space on the surface of the led to light four 1mm fibers so I decided to light the headlights and the two lights in between the jawbox.

I painted the tips of them Tamiya clear red.

Goodluck with your build, I'll be looking forward to your progress pics.


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Jun 12, 2015
For my FM Falcon, I have the clear resin for the engines and corresponding PE, as well as the vents that also come with PE. Both I'd bought from Starship Modeler. 308 Bits has a better radar dish, but I won't get that. I also have the cockpit decal set from HDA Modelworx. My plan is to paint the cockpit white, and then paint it with fluorescent white. So if I can install a small UV light inside the cockpit, it should make it look like the lights are shining. At least that's my plan. For the Bandai TFA kit, I have the Green Strawberry PE sets to go all-out on it. I'll buy the docking rings and round dish, and ditch the Rey and Finn figures in the trash. TLJ has caused me to lose all appreciation I had for TFA, so I just want to build this kit as an OT Falcon.


My name's actually not Steve
Jun 12, 2015
No problem, I'm hoping for Steve to post his WIP build log.
Who is Steve? You mean me? Sorry, my name is Greg actually. Steve was my pet fish in college, but everyone gets confused. I named my website stevethefish.net because I did not want to use my real name for my domain name. It confuses everyone, but at least it throws the trolls off.

I don't have any pics uploaded yet, but here are the videos I've taken of my Fine Molds 1:144 Falcon so far.
vid 1
vid 2
vid 3

I've actually re-drilled the mandible lights from 7.5mm fiber optics to 1mm fiber optics to give them a bigger shine. I've successfully replicated the part for the section between the mandibles in clear UV resin and I've shaved it down a bit to get it to fit properly. I'll need to light block it to see how it will look lit up from behind.


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Jan 27, 2011
Apologies for getting your name confused Greg I just grabbed the name I saw in your profile and presumed Steve was your name and didn't realize it was your fish's name :)

Thanks for the links, your Falcon is looking great, subbed your channel.