1. M

    Mikromir Fokker G-1

    Mikromir made a beautiful version of the Fokker G1, a Dutch heavy fighter that was fielded in very limited numbers during the opening stages of WW2 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mikromir-48-016-fokker-g-1a-3d--1417619 This kit has a few extra parts 3d printed, though the Mercuries from the...
  2. G

    V-1 Buzz Bomb Awaiting Launch

    Just started building dioramas a few months ago. This is my first post on a scale model forum. Recently completed a diorama which depicts a V-1 Rocket Bomb set up on the launch sled. I based the design off of pictures I found online as well as some YouTube documentaries about the V-1 bomb. The...
  3. BeebleBrox


    Pulled this from my stash https://www.scalemates.com/kits/miniart-35098-kp-42--107781 Russian field kitchen from Miniart, quality stuff as usual. Finished the kit and are now working on the base, gonna cover the ground with snow.