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    A-10 Thunderbolt Walkaround

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    Ju 87 B-1 Stuka- Scratch Built Metal Model

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    this other thing I'm building

    heat with hot-air gun until 195 F indicated with infrared thermometer 1/35th SCALE
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    Wingnut Wings goes Kaput

    No date on this notice , but the news seemed to surface April 10th :
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    Making a miniature camera LEICA M10 ( Hoo's Mini World )

    . Turn on CC for text translation :
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    Making 1/35 scale Zimmerit

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    The Color Brown

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    First with the Ford Class Carrier model ?

    . . Who will be first to release a kit of the new Ford Class ? My money's on Trumpeter I definitely want one in 1/700 CVN-78 Ford , CVN-79 Kennedy , CVN-80 Enterprise , CVN-81 Doris Miller CVN-82 is unnamed , scheduled to replace the Theodore Roosevelt ....... my old ship , the...
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    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    Since this entire thread didn't survive the rebirth of SMA I'm going to resurrect it since it's one I need to get back to . There's evidently over 325 photos on IMGUR related to this build that were originally posted here . .... so it'll take me a few sessions to upload what makes sense ...
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    HIMMELSFALKE --- Ma.K. Falke XL

    I started this back in February but haven't done any scale work since March . Decided to make this WIP the one to get back to the bench . She's a stretched Ma.K. Falke with the rotary cannon replaced with a high power laser module for satellite and ICBM shoot-down About to start shaping the...
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    a holiday movie for all

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    NASA's Juno mission

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    Viagra Spam

    ... maybe some changes in site security ? Daily spam sweep ?