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  1. le2

    While the rooster crows. Normandia 1943.

    Hi friends I share my new proyect. I hope you enjoy. Vehicle. Sd.kfz 222 4x4 Tamiya 1/35 nº kit 35051 Walls. Farm Entrance w Wall. Miniart. Kit 35535 Figures. Kits Dragons WERMACHT INFANTRY BARBARROSSA GERMAN INFANTRY BATTLE OF HEDGEROWS Miniart GERMAN ARTILLERY CREW.
  2. le2

    Sd.kfz 222 4x4 Tamiya 1/35 nº kit 35051

    Hi guys im back once again. This is my last vehicle so still warm. I hope make a dio who i have in mind so now i can show it and move foward whit the next steep. Thanks for wacht ;)
  3. le2

    Game over

    Kits WC 54 Italieri. Figures. American Army: Tamiya. German Panzergranadier: Master Box. High grass: Diromaterials
  4. le2

    WC 54 Ambulance 1/35 Italieri

    Hi guys I leave my last proyect. I finished yesterday so still warm. Later i create a mini base and put 1 figure because i dont have a lot of space now. Thanks for wacht.
  5. le2

    A song for the victory. 1943 Near Moscu.

    Hi again guys well i leave my last Diorama whit the T 34 / 76 i show in tank. Kits. T 34 /76 1943 Tamiya 1/35 Nº 35059 Figures. Soviet Red Army at Rest Trumpeter. Bricks. Plus Model. Telegraph Pole. Italieri. Cheers.
  6. le2

    T 34-76 Tamiya 1/35 Early versión.

    Thanks guys I done whit this tank a Diorama but I dont find where post in this forum. If you tell me I can share that pics too. Cheers.
  7. le2

    T 34-76 Tamiya 1/35 Early versión.

    Hi guys Im from Argentina. I leave my last work. cheers