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    Carro Armato L6/40 [Italeri, 1:35]

    Exactly as in the case of the Revell Pz Kpfw 35 ( t), this model (Italeri item 6469 ) also I began to build a year ago and after a while landed in the cupboard. I wanted to have this model only for testing paint, so I finish the build very fast. The model itself it was very cool. Only two parts...
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    PzKpfw V Panther Sd Kfz 171 [Tamiya 1:35]

    Last month I started to produce Panther tank from Tamiya - Catalogue No. 35170. Build of the model together with PE from Aber is in progress. No less will be another in a series of vehicle wreck somewhere in a forgotten wilderness ; )
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    Pz. Kpfw. 35(t) [Revel, 1:35]

    In 2014 I started to play with Revell Pz. Kpfw 35 (t ) (Catalog No. 03237 ). After a few hours of fun with sticking I threw the model into a drawer to wait for better times. I also remember that I ordered to the model set PE from Eduard and some barrel from RB Model. A month ago I unearthed...
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    Yeah! We got him!

    Hello everyone! I started work on diorama with this layout long time ago: Two months ago I decide to change plans. Most of all I decide to change this focke wulf by a Vomag car from Roden. So here is the progress of the models so far: Vomag...