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    Revell 1:25:: 41 Willys

    Hello :), Before I start I am not good taking photos either I am good when it comes to build but I try my best ;) The kit Started the paint on the body first layer done. I used Humbrol number 5 more to come other day. hope you did enjoy =)
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    Mr. Dry Booth questions.

    Heya. from a user on youtube I saw a video where couple did build. they had a machine called "Mr dry booth" what I found on this site that it cost around $145.11, and around $100Shipping. that is pretty much in my view so what I wanna know is there other sites that sells it, if so any near...
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    Hello! I am Andy from Sweden. I am new to the forum.. I follow Addicts/Medic on the tube. Also my Grandpa (who's my building partner 8)) love the videos too. So much new things to learn. not sure what else to add :P Keep it up!