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    49 Ford Coupe

    really nice work!
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    1941 Chevy Pickup Lowrider

    nice update! :D
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    Revell 1:25:: 41 Willys

    I did brush paint it, I dont have any spray cans around. I can take a photo outside tomarrow with better light. I know its dark. yesterday before I went to bed I did wet sand some. some dirt or something did get on it. starting to look better now did put other layer on. just need some more paint...
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    Revell 1:25:: 41 Willys

    Hello :), Before I start I am not good taking photos either I am good when it comes to build but I try my best ;) The kit Started the paint on the body first layer done. I used Humbrol number 5 more to come other day. hope you did enjoy =)
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    Manga Girl

    so f*** nice! ;D
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    Keaton Era Batmobile

    sweet! ;)
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    Tamiya Mazda RX-7 R1

    agree that car look freaky cool
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    Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha XV1000 Virago

    Great work man
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    First build - Tamiya 1/350 Yamato w/ Lionroar

    Damn!! Looks really good 8)
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    looks really good
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    Wave Ma.K AFS Mk. II

    awesome :-)
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    1969 Corvette ROAD ACE! Receives some serious improvement!

    Re: 1969 Corvette ROAD ACE! DONE! nice build! =)
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    :o!! thats really cool!
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    1/48 Tamiya P-51D

    man.. thats aweeeeeeeeesome! :D
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    SR-71 Blackbird

    nice work =)
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    VW Rat

    nice keep it up ;D
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    SR-71 Blackbird

    alright, thanks for sharing *thump up*
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    Mr. Dry Booth questions.

    "A terrific way to dry your painted kits, even in humid conditions, the 'Dry Booth' is well worth the price! Simply pre-heat for 10 minutes, then put your painted pieces on the racks inside, re-set the timer (it goes in 10 minute increments, up to 60 minutes; you don't control the heat, only the...
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    SR-71 Blackbird

    nice videos =) A question, about MMD White Putty you did say in the video that most didnt like it. witch others is there to pick then that MMD W-P one? keep it up looking forward for the last video 8)