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    Weld Seams Using Epoxy Putty?

    Just thought of something else- don't use too much milliput, ideally the tool diameter should be larger than the milliput bead to avoid it squidging out like in my photo... :-[ Note: I cannot find the site I read the article this is derived from, if I recall correctly it was targeted by hackers...
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    Weld Seams Using Epoxy Putty?

    I have something, the only photos I have to hand are my first attempt - it was gaming terrain rather than fins scale modelling however with a bit of practice I got it down to something reasonable on my models as well. For context - I was converting some simple cans into "tanks / silos" that...
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    Polystyrene stuff

    Once you get to a certain size, "normal" styrene isn't feasible. However, ABS is and depending on your location look for architectural model suppliers or other hardware shops. For example, Note that I havn't...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas All ;D
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    Resistor question

    To provide resistance, the energy has to go somewhere - heat. So unless you're going to melt anything that is pretty usual. A toaster is a bank of resistors 8)
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    Gluing rigid foam insulation

    I'd suggest being wary of PVA depending on the size - the reason I say this is that it requires exposure to air to set, so whilst it may appear to have dried round the edges of a large piece, the centre will effectively be protected from atmosphere and so stay as fresh as it does in the bottle...
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    you don't see that everyday...

    Apparently it was the North American one Island hopping via Iceland. It was in the papers last week, which I don't read...
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    you don't see that everyday...

    This afternoon I heard something a bit out of the ordinary... to put it in context, I live 2 miles from the airport at Ronaldsway, so I hear & see planes on approach / take off about half the month. Depending on wind direction, it's either 1 way or the other for commercial aircraft. a much...
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    Future & Isopropyl Alcohol...

    I have some repair work to do. The silly thing is I have some MiG pigment fluid for thinning / fixing somewhere and didn't bother to dig it out. Without really thinking I went ahead with Isopropanol, my mind was distracted at the time and I thought it would flow, fix and flash off too quickly...
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    Airbrush setup

    Picture of it? You'll probably need a 1/4 to 1/8 bsp reducer.
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    Have social media sites changed the way you use modelling forums?

    I'd say no, I seldom go on Facebook because it annoys me. Even though I see an advantage in keeping in touch with friends that are not in my locale, I don't want to be spammed with all the "like" pages they do to win prizes... nor am I that bothered that some girl I once met has a baby that just...
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    Future & Isopropyl Alcohol...

    Thanks for the reply; Not the worst disaster in the world, and I suppose I've learnt something... Obviously I won't swear in public, but you can probably guess that the air was a bit polluted earlier. :-[ At least the damage is underneath and inside the frame so won't show anyway and I can...
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    Future & Isopropyl Alcohol...

    Several hours of painstaking painting & assembly on a 1/12 engine followed by a couple of light coats of Klear (english Future) before having a go with pigments... I put dry pigments in recesses etc. and then wanted to "wash" the pigments into corners as well as "fix" them in place. Anyway...
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    Let's get this party started - What have you decided to build???

    And something with a few more parts and more detail than my other entry - going into the SciFi category.... 8)
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    Let's get this party started - What have you decided to build???

    This year I hope to enter more than one, so first up is something similar so it might not take as long with experience. Different ideas to attempt on this pass... 8)
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    Clear microbore / capillary tubing

    Does anyone know where to get some clear microbore tube? I'm about to start a 1/12 Yamaha YZR-M1 and would like the hydraulic lines to be clear so i can fill them with coloured fluid rather than use the black tube that it comes with. I have found a brand Tygon, unfortunately the one page I've...
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    Big drop of paint on bristles

    might sound simple - use a palette 8)
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    Colors for wood crate

    If you search for images - I think you'll find that well worn / weathered wood isn't brown, it's more grey than anything. Obviously, depends on any finish protection it has and environment etc. I found that a grey brown wash with some lighter grey drybrushing worked well for some crates i made...
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    SHAKE DAT PAINT (but not too much!)

    I don't have Alclad paint myself, however I suspect that plastic would not stand up to a cellulose based paints for medium / long term storage. That's why cellulose thinners is in glass or cans.
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    What Fed Ex did to a really expensive model.

    Whilst it is certainly a shame that a nice model (and expensive) got destroyed, my own view is that it wasn't packed properly. I will justify my opinion thus; an hour ago I got off a plane, an hour long flight and I nearly lost my lunch... very bumpy with turbulence. (the video mentioned...