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    DUKW sea diorama

    Wow, man :D Supercool, it looks like a 3D picture. Very good, love the simplicity, it really adds IMHO a lot of "kinetics" to the scene. Very cool, very good, thanks for sharing :D Cheers Jelly
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    1/350 IJN "AKAGI"

    Incredible, terriffic work there, "Comfort" Just alone the PE job, seems a titanic work. A solid proof of will & skill. By the way, the model kit seems to be superb, right? some time ago I saw a Youtube video that was uploaded by a guy who had built the same model, and it was impressive too...
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    Issue 5..some issues

    Good morning :) :) "Talens", I´m not able to see any issue being you (IMHO) a polite, well mannered, and empathetic user. You were even offering your help with future translations. And if I´m not wrong, apart from being a user of the site, you are a costumer who spends $ here, right? :)...
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    Where did the new in the stash thread go?

    Assumable casualties - just go on :-*
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    Dio Scene from Andrey Tarkowsky’s Stalker (1979) 1/35

    Very good job there! :) And very rare to find some who has seen at least one of Tarkovskys films !! ;) Cheers Chaos, KUTGW Jelly
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    1/72 Pz.III AUSF J

    Hi there, a good collection, Opannes, Its cool to watch you working at the bench, Later :) Jelly
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    The Remora

    John, this project is really nice, :) I didn´t knew this modelmakers firm, but it seems absolutely creative, brings a lot of opportunities, being in 1:35 opens a lot of field to play with... ... cool, fresh, man Cheers :) Jelly
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    C4I tank (started in the "Dawn of the Apocalypse" contest) ... COMPLETED!

    :) Oh :) Sincerely, thank you very very much for your time & comments, guys, they are really modelling-morale boosting, See you around ;) Jelly
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    BA-3 'White Russian' diorama

    :) Love this project , the BA-3 looks really "Sovietic", and the idea of the vodka-obsession seems pretty appropriated to me, I think that the results will be very cool... GW! Cheers :) Jelly
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    The Prototype - abusing a Sherman

    Very cool... I suppose that you intend to represent more or less a Death Korps of Krieg environment, more or less?? I find it 100% OK GW! :) Cheers Jelly
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    C4I tank (started in the "Dawn of the Apocalypse" contest) ... COMPLETED!

    Completed! :P This slow & busy modeller that I am, has finally been able to declare as “finished” the sci-fi C4I tank that was shown in the past “Dawn of the Apocalypse” contest… Not a lot of pics … but well… new aerials added, plus decals, a light weathering, and at the end I...
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    Iron Man Mk17 "Heartbreaker" for 2014 BSC

    :D Really nice, Mr. Q, really nice... it seems metal, really ! Cheers Jelly
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    my little dio

    Ooooh... (russian accent ---> ) "I follow you now" ;) I was looking all the time in the "Diorama" section :-[ ... that explains why I was unable to locate your project ;D Ok, ok, don´t be cruel, right? give these Western World GIs a chance ! ;D Later noname ;) RGR
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    Was North Africa hot...or not??

    North Africa, can be very hot and "very" cold. It is not also a matter of altitude (of course it is very relevant), by experience, in plain areas it depends a lot to the distance to sea. Heat can reach perfectly 45ºC in summer (even more some times), Cold can reach perfectly temps...
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    Dingo Farm Hand

    :) Hi there my friend, Very original idea, man... but... have you ever tought about how much fuel drinks that coffee maker (liters-per-mile) ?? ;D Cool one, noname :) Cheers Jelly
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    PzKpfw I DAK /1:72/

    :) Hi there Bartekk, really good man, really good, this is another proof that the small scales are really versatile ones composing either simple or complex vignettes and dios. I like it very much, man, GW! Cheers Jelly
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    Hi there Webmax, :) I find this vignette realy bold, particularly eyecatching to me, I´m not used to "Forge World" model kits and figurines... they are alien to me ... just to have an idea... could you please tell me how tall are the figurines? Thanks a lot for sharing, Webmax :)...
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    Dirty Ole T-34

    Hi there Noname :) Very good, man... IMO, your heavily weathered model catches very the "spirit" of Soviet armor during WWII. Excellent detail for this singular subject (just for my taste): no visible markings --> thumbs up ! I ask myself what must have been the life expectancy of one of...
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    Dawn of the Apocalypse Contest

    :) Nice contest :) ... I´m not a fan of the zombie-histories/tales, but from a modelling point of view, IMHO there have been a lot of supercool builds, ideas & creativity here :D Congrats to all the winners & modellers, And Very Good Planning, Scott & Co ;) Cheers :) Jelly
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    Repurposed Pickup Truck

    Man, it´s a really effective vignette / dio... The feeling of a desolation atmosphere is strong too... Very nice touches in the vehicle too... the tires chains are top notch, awesome... Congrats there ... Jelly