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    All Open 1/350 Akagi

    Category: All Open Name of Build: 1/350 Akagi Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa Scale: One Three Fifty Description Complete buildlog here:,11897.0.html Over 3000 parts, 2 year build, 100% historically accurate Final Images
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    All Open IJN Akagi

    Category: All Open Name of Build: IJN Akagi Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa Scale: 1/350 Description Complete buildlog here:,11897.0.html Final Images
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    All Open - 1/350 IJN "AKAGI"

    Hi guys...I am entering my Hasegawa 1/350 Akagi, but as I have been working on it for almost two years I cannot enter it into ships, but the All Open category is good too! :) Here's a couple of pics...but the full buildlog is at:,11897.0.html...
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    1/350 IJN "AKAGI"

    Thank-you for viewing my build log of Hasegawa's 1/350 IJN Akagi. I have been working on this model for over a year now and I estimate another 5 months to complete. So, here we go: Kit + some of the pe and one box of four of planes Hasegawa Super Detail-up Package (Underdeck supports, columns...
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    Resin Shipyard's 1/350 HMCS St. Laurent

    The Canadian Navy's HMCS St. Laurent was the first warship entirely designed and built in Canada. A great success, the St Laurent series numbered seven and were dubbed "The Cadillac of Destroyers". Please find below my short buildlog of Resin Shipyard's model of this beautiful ship. contents...
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    Edit/modify not available anymore? whats up with that?

    Just wondering....why can I not edit or modify my posts anymore? I started a buildlog thread in the ships section and I wanted to add a couple of pics to it, but edit/modify button is now gone and has been for a couple of days. I am signed into the site, so thats not the issue....anybody know if...
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    Hasegawa's 1/350 Nagato with Lionroar

    Start of another IJN shipboard journey, this time with Hasegawa's 1/350 Nagato! I am using primarily the Lionroar superset, but will supplement with other pe and scratch as needed. Please find below my first post, this is going to be the Battle of Leyte Gulf version. for those not...