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    Bedford truck 1/35 italeri

    Hi guys, My newest WIP, a italeri Bedford truck. As usual out of the box, this is an oldie but with some effort can still make a very pleasing model I think. Almost done a few streaks here and there and then a final clear oat and off to the shelf. Please tell me what you think? Zappa
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    Hawker typhoon

    Hi everyone, This is my latest attempt in getting better at aircraft building. With the help of Jmac I think this came out pretty good (for my skill set that is...) Tell me what you think. Pics are not the best quality but it's the best I can do for now.
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    Matilda WIP

    Hi guys, This is my latest build. An old tamiya Matilda, I'm planning to set it in a little diorama with some desert rats infantry attacking. Still needs a bit of work on the spare tracks and tools. Tell me what you think! Zappa
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    Cyclon raider

    Hi guys, This is my first scifi model build. The kit was kindly donated by a forum member and good friend jmac! I believe this is a revell kit 1/32 scale. A heavy weathered raider I still need to do some dusting and a flat coat to finish the job Please tell what you think! Zappa
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    1/35 sexton spg

    Hi this is my latest build. A dragon sexton spg with some tamiya/ miniart figures. I want to get more into diorama building so this is a start I think. I'll try to add better pics. Thanks for looking! And please comment! Zappa
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    Secret Santa completed build

    Hi guys , Here is my secret Santa build, a cyber hobby 1/35 desert raider jeep, made into a little diorama with two spare figures. Came out pretty good, my figure painting is going in the right direction I think. Thanks secret Santa AKA elmcity hobbys! Tell me what your think please! Zappa Ps...
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    Heavy equipement

    Hi guys, Are there any injection moulded manufacturers that offer heavy equipment? Until now all I have found is modellers detailing and weathering die cast models. Wouldn't there be a market for those subjects, with the weathering involved. I think those machines would be great for dioramas...
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    Tamiya sword fish mkI WIP

    hi guys, This is what im trying to cook up at the moment, a tamiya swordfish with the bracing set. A couple of pics of of my effort of the last couple of days. All sub assembly's are done, some detail painting is next. All comment is ( and I can use some ;D) welcome!!! Zappa
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    Tamiya fiesler

    Hi guys, This is my latest airplane, Not really a aircraft builder but I try to do my best. I build it in winter camo with the skis. It didn't turn out bad or good, it's one of those meh builds. I'll do better on my next aircraft for shure. Tell me what you think! Zappa
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    Airfix Ford fiesta

    Hi guys, This is my first car ever. I like dirty vehicles so I thought this was a good start. A rally car dirtied up a bit. The inspiration came from the fantastic article in one of the sma magazines. I will definitely build some more. Please tell me what you guys think! Zappa
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    Dessert rats truck/Breda gun

    Hi, guys Another of my dessert rats build. A italeri kit build out of the box with some spare parts load for the back. I'll be making this into a diorama with two or three figures added. Tell me what you think! Zappa
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    Tamiya cromwell

    Hi guys, My latest armour build a tamiya cromwell, with diy hessian tape camo ( gauze and paper tape) Also my first endeavour into figure painting... Please tell me what you think!!! Zappa
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    Bishop spg wip

    Hello, Here's my bronco bishop spg Still working on it, a lot of pieces go into this kit but finally made it to the finishing stage. Please comment! Zappa
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    French armoured carrier

    hi, Here is my latest finished build, a tamiya 1/35 French armoured carrier. Build out of the box, painted with vallejo air and weatherd with Vallejo pigments. Please comment! Zappa
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    Churchill tank in progress update

    Hi guys, I've been working on this on and off for a while now. It's almost done, just a mix of mud/weeds/snow on the running gear. That should do it for this one. Thanks for looking and please comment! Zappa
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    Italeri m32 tracks

    Hello everybody, I'm currently building the m32 recovery tank italeri kit 1/35 scale. But the tracks that came with the kit are really bad warped and stiff. ( I've had good luck with italeri tracks in the past Until this one) So my question to you is can someone point me in the right direction...
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    For sale/trade

    For sale or trade!!! -academy/minicraft. 1/48 Lockheed P38 L. Path finder -italeri 1/72 B24 liberator assembly ship -Trumpeter 1/72 British gannet T.MK.2 Boxes are open, bags sealed. Wanting $20 individual or $50 for the lot + shipping. If you want to do a trade I'm looking for - 1/72...
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    hobby shops san diego

    I'm going to sandiego for a week, ill be staying close to the maritime museum. Are there any good hobby shops around in that neighbourhood? thanks zappa
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    1/35 Sherman calliope wip

    Hello guys, This is my latest build not finished yet, In the proces of oil filters mud etc This is what I have right now, tell me what you think! Zappa
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    1-35 afv club achilles mk II c

    Hi everyone, I've posted this subject in the secret Santa sub forum already. But I thought I post it here too ( moderators if this is inappropriate please remove) This was a real fun build, let me know what you guys thinks! Zappa