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    Looking for places to buy photo etch packages and how to do

    I wanted to get some cockpit photo etching for a a plane I bought. I seen somewhere in the forums where somebody built a plane and did the control panel and pilot seat with seatbelts in photoetching and I would like to try it too. I went down to the one model hobby shop but dude doesn't have a...
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    Bottom Feed Airbrush bottles

    So I got me an Iawata bottom feed airbrush and I want to get more bottles with actual lids so I don't have to keep cleaning out the one bottle I have everytime I want to change colors. I looked around the net and amazon sells them for what looks like $6.50 a bottle :o They cannot be that...
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    noobs corner

    Hi, I am new to the forums and new to the hobby of modelling and I think I can bring a bit of a fresh perspective to these forums in one area: where do the noobs start? I have been a forum junkie for years and I love how forums are great outlets of expressions. I have definitely learned so much...