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    Godzilla 1995 Diorama

    Dude! this is something i have always wanted to do! Outstanding!!
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    MG RGM-79 GM Sniper

    That turned out beefy! Excellent work!
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    Decahell (Kobayashi style mech)

    WOW!! that is beefy!
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    MG MSN-001A1 Delta Plus

    looking real good, like Mike said, the gunmetal is really nice!
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    MG RGM-79 GM Sniper

    Holy socks that looks incredible! Great detail work on the panels!
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    MG RGM-79(G) GM Sniper

    this guy looks beefy, really tight paint job!
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    1/144 HGUC 08th MS Team Diorama

    These are looking beefy! Nice job!!
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    MG RGM-79(G) GM Sniper

    That's nice camo! your patience and practice paid of. Good job!!
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    Count me in too! looks like quality stuff!! Congrats!!
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    My (almost) recent paintings

    Okay, I am a bit jealous right now..those are wicked cool!
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    MG RGM-79(G) GM Sniper

    That is looking really cool!
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    1/144 scale MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Mobile Suit and MBF-02 Strike Rouge + I.W.S.P.

    I could use a few tips on weathering and maybe what is used for making ground work for diorama's. Thanks for the comments. Next comes the Strike Rouge; which I hope to start tomorrow sometime.
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    1/144 scale MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Mobile Suit and MBF-02 Strike Rouge + I.W.S.P.

    Well guy's, here is my Gouf Custom as of today. After fighting the hot days of summer, and base coats that refused to dry, the Gouf is together and ready for final detail work. Let me know what you think. and as always, i appreciate all comments, opinions, ideas, cheats, etc. Thanks...
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    MG Kampfer

    May have to snag a few of these for myself..looks tight!
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    Post Apocalyptic Scopedog Diorama

    Looking good, really like how you did the pilot!
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    Italeri Oshkosh mobile settlement

    Great idea for a build, looking forward to seeing more!
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    MG RGM-79(G) GM Sniper

    I may not know art, but i like it!
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    Gundam D-Hell Custom 1/100 HG Batscythe

    I just picked up my brush and did a few bits today after the last week and half getting butt kicked at work. hope to get some pix done this weekend. Hope things get easier for you Professor so you can tease us with a bit of the old Bonemill/Gundam remix (if thats where yer headed..hehehe!)
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    MG GM Custom

    That's looking beefy!
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    1/144 scale MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom Mobile Suit and MBF-02 Strike Rouge + I.W.S.P.

    Some more up dates..the upper body is getting the purplish panels done in red. next week once the schedule gets back to normal i should be doing final assembly on major components and getting down to detail work. Thanks Professor Z for letting me know about this site. [attachment deleted by admin]