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  1. Tanker52

    Italeri 1/48 Tornado GR.1

    Nice work!
  2. Tanker52

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!!
  3. Tanker52


    Outstanding work!!! The detail is incredible!!! :o :o :o Like the paint scheme and squadron marking. I enjoyed watching your progress and learned so much with all the added detail you added to this kit.
  4. Tanker52

    MENG's BMPT Terminator

    Nice build and like the camo color scheme. Great Job!!!
  5. Tanker52

    Tiger I Initial (Africa)

    Nice work on the PE detail!!! Looking forward to seeing it with paint and weathering.
  6. Tanker52


    Outstanding detail you have added to this kit!!! Cockpit detail and instrument panel look awesome!!! The engine piping detail and ribbing on the thrust nozzles is incredible!!!
  7. Tanker52

    Hover Tank

  8. Tanker52

    1/35 Super Tank „Tunguska“ /"Finished"

    Fantastic job!!! Looks awesome!!!
  9. Tanker52

    1/35 Super Tank „Tunguska“ /"Finished"

    Re: 1/35 Super Tank „Tunguska“ That is some Heavy Metal Armor!!! Nice concept.
  10. Tanker52

    RSO/3 WITH PAK 38

    Nice work!!! Like the rust effects on the muffler.
  11. Tanker52

    Bronco Buffalo

    Stunning work!!! I agree what others are saying on the paint and weathering work. The paint and weathering makes this vehicle look heavy and very realistic. The tires are superb!!! The light dusting on the treads and the side walls makes them look like they are filled with air. Did you...
  12. Tanker52

    BMP 1 in Syrian service

    Welcome QT! Very nice build and like how the diorama captures the moment.
  13. Tanker52

    SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer

    Nice work!!!
  14. Tanker52

    Have you ever been stuck in a model building rut?

    I have up and down periods. Several reasons, working on several kits at once and getting overwhelmed. Work is a killer at times and just mentally tired to work on anything after a long day. My other hobby astronomy sometimes takes me away from modeling. To help with several of these issues, I...
  15. Tanker52

    ....... Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 "Creeping Death" .......

    StuG, this is amazing!!! Very creative and unique.
  16. Tanker52

    M45 Pershing

    So far there seems no issues with the surface primer. I used Vallejo US Olive Drab surface primer, number 73.608.
  17. Tanker52

    1/35 late-war Hetzer - now complete!

    Re: 1/35 late-war Hetzer build Nice work. Like how you added the little details. It makes all the difference with the end results.
  18. Tanker52

    M-31 TRV Nearly finished

    Great job!!! Looks awesome!!!
  19. Tanker52

    Tiger 1 African Front

    I will be adding the exhaust shrouds later. I left them off so I can paint and weather the exhaust.
  20. Tanker52


    Nice build!!!