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  1. The Nylon Gag

    Playing with the GoPro at work

    Love the time lapse function Gag
  2. The Nylon Gag

    Episode 7 weekend ,the build up

    Ello, I will be watching the BlueRays no stop before and hopefully seeing the Film in the wee small hours But STARWARS Drinking game 101 Anytime the word: force, jedi, rebellion is spoken, take a sip Any time the phrase, May the force be with with you, i have a bad feeling about this or a...
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    Turn your Dremel into a lathe or milling machine

    Ello geezers, Been trying to figure this out but for a regular sized drill. This gear is quite cheep but the quality looks good Gag
  4. The Nylon Gag

    Blade Runner model shop pictures

    Some very interesting shots here Enjoy Gag
  5. The Nylon Gag

    1/144th Prometheus scratch build

    Ello, Well my friends, there comes a point in everybody's life when you just have to take on what will probably be a suicidal project, one that you will probably never ever finish but you still start it anyway, and who knows, along the way it might even be fun. The Prometheus in 1/144th...
  6. The Nylon Gag

    Hyper realistic artist, time lapse, just brilliant

  7. The Nylon Gag

    Kennedy Space Center, August 6th 2014

    Evenin all My 12th Wedding Anniversary trip, :o Awesome My beautiful wife You can see the rest here :- Gag
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    All Open TNG Industries MK.1 #141238 InterStellar Tow ship

    Category: All Open Name of Build: TNG Industries MK.1 #141238 InterStellar Tow ship Kit manufacturer: Scratch Built Scale: 1/32nd Description This is my own original design for a deep space towing ship from the year 3011 a.d. It is built from 6", 4,1/2" and 3" PVC pipe, 3/8"...
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    Backlit LED panels only $2;50

    Might be useful for someone Gag
  10. The Nylon Gag

    More Free book downloads for the vehicle builder

    Also found these Enjoy Gag
  11. The Nylon Gag

    Mike Ashey Modeling books free downloads

    Found this link on another site and thought I would share Lots of useful information Enjoy Gag
  12. The Nylon Gag

    The Nylon Gag MK.2 F1 Magneto Skimmer

    Greetings Herdsters, Sorry I haven't been around much lately, just not been feeling it. Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy new year and hope everyone had a groovy Christmas. I've been really struggling the last few months since i finished the MK1, lost my mojo BIG time, I've...
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    Top Quality Wingy build, you just gotta see this

    Found this link on another site and thought i would share, enjoy ;D Gag
  14. The Nylon Gag

    Tiny Figure Pictures

    Even though there are no models used on this site, just tiny figures, this guys pictures show, with a bit of creative positioning some amazing photos can be taken of our models. Enjoy Gag
  15. The Nylon Gag

    IPMSOrlando Modelpoluza 2013

    No Waffel, just pix Best scratch build award, Stunning Best Dio, beautiful Me with my Silver and The Nylon Gag MK.1 #141238...
  16. The Nylon Gag

    Prometheus Blueprints

    Hey guys Does anyone know if there are any blueprints avaliable for this wonderful ship yet? If anyone know's where I can get a copy or knows of a site that has them that would be great? I'm thinking of making this my next scratch build project but I need plans because the main body shape is...
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    Robot Scratch building scale 1:1

    This is cool Gag
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    Shelf Queens

    Ello, Fact, My brain isn't big enough to do more than one thing at a time But i have subscribed to various peoples build threads for them to just peter out and never to be heard from again (you know who you are) but i see them start new projects all the time, so my questions are :- 1. How...
  19. The Nylon Gag

    Apocalypse project for someone.

    This is a groovy little buggy Make a cool scratch build for someone. Gag
  20. The Nylon Gag

    Spitting water

    Ello Folks I am now painting The Nylon Gag MK1, this is a very large model so i am using my airbrush for much longer periods than i normally would. It has this annoying habit of spitting water into the system after about 5mins of use, i have a water separator, which i drain regularly, but it...