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  1. gtrane

    Hail Storm in South Africa, Johannesburg yesterday afternoon..

    Thought Id share a bit of Nature with the rest of the world... Hail storm yesterday here in Johannesburg South Africa Our house luckily did not have any damage, but my friends house above in pic was not so lucky.... :-[ Plenty cars damaged as well in the area More storms expected the...
  2. gtrane

    YF-22 Airfix (1992)

    Hey guys, Started modeling again after many years , so bear with me on my builds as I am so to say a new beginner :D Found Scott and his Scale Model Addict videos on YouTube about little more than a week ago while searching for build tips and tricks to scale models, and got hooked right away...
  3. gtrane

    Tinting canopies and many things with "Future"

    Hey Guys, Donald here from South Africa This might have been posted , but I am new to the forum and SMA community I hope this tip will give you guys some cool ideas :) I tested mixing food coloring in future ( in SA it is Called Cobra Floor Polish) I am busy with an old 1992 Airfix F-22...
  4. gtrane

    Hi From South Africa

    ;D Hi Everyone and "Scott the Addict" :) My Name is Donald , and I live in South Africa, I recently started modeling again after many years, Came across the SMA youtube channel a few days ago after searching for tips and tricks and started viewing the videos since SMA started, got quite a...