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  1. StyreneStylist

    revell 1/110 HMS Bounty, -wip

    decided to try a ship for something different! I picked up a few of these old revell kit to get started with. first up is the Bounty. some initial weathering on the copper, used gun blue sprayed on with a mist sprayer, will add the green colors with oils at the end of the build...
  2. StyreneStylist

    Rye Field Tunisia Tiger 1

    just finished up this one, Rye Field Models kit RM5001 painted with a custom mix of craft acrylics and weathered with oils. all sealed with Liquitex matte varnish thanks for looking!
  3. StyreneStylist

    Anzac 1915

    got this guy finished up
  4. StyreneStylist

    General Lee

    Finished this one up, used the MPC and Revell kits. MPC decals, wheels and tires, homemade push bar. added some light weathering too thanks for looking!
  5. StyreneStylist

    Zero A6M2B - 1/72 Airfix

    Hey guys, just finished up this little kit oob, craft paint, antenna wire is my girlfriends hair works perfect for making antenna wires lol thanks for looking
  6. StyreneStylist

    AV-8B Harrier II Plus

    hey guys, I picked this kit up recently thought I'd start on it! I haven't built a Jet in a very long time, not since I was like 14 or so lol so this will be just out of the box. so far I made up the cockpit, I only added in some home made seat harness from masking tape and pop can metal...
  7. StyreneStylist

    GMC pick-up

    Just finished this one the Revell snow plow kit thanks for looking
  8. StyreneStylist

    Toyota Hi-Lux

    just finished this one, Meng kit in 1/35 scale, depicts a truck in Libya in 2011
  9. StyreneStylist

    Peterbilt 359

    Hi, I forgot to post this over here! lol this is the Revell "snap" kit pretty fun build, great kit to build
  10. StyreneStylist

    '70 Challenger T/A

    here is my first build of 2015. revell 1/24 scale kit. I just made it curbside as a quick build, I didn't get much done last year so I plan to do a lot more box stock and curbside stuff this year!
  11. StyreneStylist

    1/48 P-47D

    just finished up this kit, newer release of the old monogram kit. I made it out of box, only adding homemade machine guns and antenna wire. thanks for looking!
  12. StyreneStylist

    '68 hemi Dart-wip

    hey guys, just started working on this kit. going for the primer with black front end look did some engine work and also got the rear tires detailed.
  13. StyreneStylist

    Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane

    Hey guys finished up Rosco's Dodge Monaco today. MPC kit a few little details around the interior, and some different wheels and tires. some light weathering and a couple small dents here and there
  14. StyreneStylist

    Pete 352 Pacemaker

    finished this one up tonight. AMT kit 1/25 scale. I did completely forget to stick the intake tube on haha, I'll have to update the pics later on.
  15. StyreneStylist

    VW Beetle

    wasn't sure if i posted this on here, but i couldn't find it if i did lol anyhow i started this a while back and lost interest, but i pulled it out last night and got the body almost finished up now.
  16. StyreneStylist

    55 Chevy Bel Air Convertible

    hey guys, here is my next project. got started with the engine. ran a a couple lines, fuel and oil. will work on the plug wires next. also the spots for the heater hoses are drilled out, i will add those in later on. I didn't worry about detailing the Carb, since the air filter will be...
  17. StyreneStylist

    Petty Dart, progress

    Hey guys finally got one of these awesome kits! picked it up from Elm City Hobbies! and got started on it right away. so far i got the roll bars all glued up. just need a bit of sanding. also got the front suspension fixed up. i thought the front tires stuck out way to much, so a simple fix for...
  18. StyreneStylist

    Fireball Roberts '57 ford

    got this one finished today, new revell kit. mostly uut of the box with some spark plug wires and bungee cords added on.
  19. StyreneStylist

    Labonte '89 Bud T-Bird

    i got this one painted and decaled and will let those sit a few days and then clearcoat and polish it
  20. StyreneStylist

    R1 Yamaha

    finished up this one. box stock except for the T2M exhaust and a couple bolt heads. helmet is an old Tamiya one I painted up. heres a few "naked" pics and with the bodywork on.