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  1. Dano1945

    Ferrari! Except no substitutes!

    YouTube - Ferrari Shell Commercial High Quality
  2. Dano1945

    "What is it?" Armor challenge September 2010.

    Ok I posted an aircraft challenge over on the aviation side and it was fun. Ferris228 guessed it in less than 24 hrs. So I thought I'd try the armor side. So check out the partial image and post your guess. Winner gets the PAK35/36 shown below. [attachment deleted by admin]
  3. Dano1945

    What Aircraft is this? September 2010

    Ok, picking up where DarthPeril left off with his challenge. Each month I will post an image of "part" of an aircraft. "Part of an aircraft?" you ask. Well I am sure most of you have a vast knowledge of most military aircraft and Google is out there so I figure I'd make it more challenging. So...
  4. Dano1945

    3 View Line Drawings

    Extensive list of aircraft line drawings. Great ref for scribing or painting.
  5. Dano1945

    Dogfight Episodes free on Hulu

    Dogfight Episodes free on Hulu. Really neat breakdowns of aircraft, men and tactics of some great dogfights. Hulu - Dogfights: MiG Alley - Watch the full episode now.
  6. Dano1945

    Great glue

    I saw DreamKnight using the Tamiya thin glue on a video. Picked up some yesterday. Wow what a difference. No more glue webs or blobs. This stuff is awesome.
  7. Dano1945

    Low cost scribing and sculpting tools

    Picked up a set of carving and dental pick tools from Harbor Freight yesterday. $9 ;) [attachment deleted by admin]
  8. Dano1945

    Willys Jeep WIP

    Almost done with construction on my first build in many years. This is the time tested Tamiya kit. Detailing next ;D. Look forward to trying ScaleModelMedic's wash weathering and pigment/mud application then ScaleModelMadman's tarp rolls. [attachment deleted by admin]
  9. Dano1945

    Alclad Wizardry!

    Amazing work. He has some good Alclad application info as well. [attachment deleted by admin]
  10. Dano1945

    Cockpit and scribing ref links

    Lots of pictures
  11. Dano1945

    New Badger 150 Airbrush up for trade

    I didn't find any buy/sell/trade sections in the forums but I hope this is ok to post. Years ago I purchased a Badger 150 Airbrush new but never used it. It's brand new with jar, cup and extra needle. I have a low end bottom feed airbrush that I am learning with but would really like to get my...
  12. Dano1945

    IPMS Nationals

    101stAirbornefilms on YouTube posted this video. Just some amazing builds and dioramas. IPMS NATIONALS 2010