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  1. Mike

    Model Mania 2015 Houston, TX

    Here are some photos I took from Model Mania Houston this year. The turnout gets bigger and bigger every year. Unfortunately I had to leave early this year so I didn't get a photo of every model there, but I got the majority. If you have any criticism for my photos, please let me know. I find...
  2. Mike

    Aoshima Honda Gorilla Mini-bike 1/12

    New member here. I haven't built a model of any sort in a long while, and recently have had the urge to build a mini bike of some sort. I am a Honda guy by heart (to a certain extent) and had to build a bike of their kind so the Gorilla immediately caught my attention. So, even though it wasn't...
  3. Mike

    Houston Model Mania 2013

    Hey guys. A little new here, but I thought y'all might enjoy some photos I took at Houston's Model Mania show this past month. I finally got around to editing them and uploading them so check them out if you've got the time! Direct Link to my Flickr Slideshow
  4. Mike

    Coming in from Texas

    Hey guys, figured I'd introduce myself before I started posting. My names Mike, I'm a modeler from the northwest side of Houston, TX. Models have been a hobby of mine since I was a child. I'm now 22 years old and though I may not have as much time to make the kits I have now as I used to, I...