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    Wings & Wheels

    I thought some of you would like to see these old photos of airplanes I recieved recently. All are very cool aircraft and some have super cool cars in them as well. Enjoy.
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    It's not my faut!

    I had a package arrive today in the mail, and it looks like I have some more projects. But one in particular I can not take the blame for. Nope! The presence of One in this group I have to put the blame on two fellow forum members for building theirs so nice and giving me the bug to buy one...
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    Decal issue!

    OK I need some advice. I have been getting some inconsistent results with my decals lately. Some will lay down fine and others will silver badly! I am using Micro Scales, Micro Set to wet the suface before applying the decals. I soak the decals in warm water for about 7-10 seconds to losen...
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    Threesome with twins! TWin P-40F's and Curtis XP-55 Ascender

    I got 3 months still. I think I can do this! I have the MPM XP-55 kit already, and have been looking for an excuse to build it. This would be a good one. I also had an idea of twin P-40F's the Merlin powered versions. When I say twins I mean joined, like F-82 twin Mustangs. P-40's were one of...
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    The Jacky C

    I have been wanting to build a replica of this plane for awhile now. She's one of my favorite Air Show planes. I started with Academy's 1/72 P-40M/N kit. I am building this one as an M as that is what the Jacky C is. Again this will pretty much be an out of box build with a few...
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    Pearl Harbor P-40

    I bought the new 1/72 Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2 Airfix kit and was really pleased with the new mold. The fit and detail aren't to bad. I started building this kit to replicate the P-40 Lt George Welch flew during the attack on Pearl Harbor. I already have the decals from Starfighter Decals. This will...
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    Another Jug Project

    I have several small projects going and this is one of them. I am building a Replica of the P-47 Razorback that is in the National Museum of the United States Air Force. It is painted after the plane Col. Neel Kearby flew know as the Fiery Ginger IV. I started with the 1/72 Academy kit. Mostly...
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    P-40E Project

    I have started a few builds based on the aircraft displayed in the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Since it's in my backyard I am able to study these planes when ever needed. One of my favorites since I was a kid has been the Curtiss P-40E painted like Capt Bruce Hollaway's...
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    F-47D Project.

    I've been working on this one for about a month and a half now. Pretty much finished her up tonight, just a couple little details and she's done. I live next to Wright Patterson Air Force Base so this project was super fun for me. This is based off the actual F-47D-40 that patroled the air space...