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  1. Steve Ski

    German U-boat Type VIIB Conning Tower Gun Deck and Figures

    Now that the site is back up and running, thank you Blackbeard, I will just do a quick run up of what I've been working on since the site went to sleep. The initial intent of this build was to accompany Alpine Miniatures' 16021 German U-Boat Captain, sent to me by Taesung Hamms, exclusively for...
  2. Steve Ski

    Tank Art Vol.1 WWII German Armor

    Has anyone seen this new armor weathering book by Mike Rinaldi? This is not a book review, only a shout out to see who knows about this new book. I just went through the first chapter on the Panther weathering and couldn't put it...
  3. Steve Ski

    200mm WWII Dio, Figures and Bikes

    This is my first time posting my work here, but I see some familiar faces and that's always good. Hope yall get a kick outta this. This dio is going to be huge and I'll have to work out the logistics for display later, my curio cabinet will be stretched to the limit. Currently three 200mm...
  4. Steve Ski

    Howdy Yall

    Great site and good stuff. I see some familiar faces, cool! Cheers, Ski.