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  1. unttld

    New Industria Mechanika releases.

    Michael just sent out the iMech newsletter. It's full of gigantic awesome resin mecha.
  2. unttld

    Mad Max: Fury Road production drawings

    If you want to make some seriously nutty post-apocalyptic rat rods, The Credits interview the team that built all the working vehicles from the movie. Lots of mechanical drawings and CAD schematics of the hero vehicles...
  3. unttld

    Scale75 now have North America distribution.

    Scale75 finally set up a North American distributor called Scale Games. Prices are basically straight conversion from Euro. But, shipping from Texas sure beats shipping from Spain.
  4. unttld

    54mm Andrea Miniatures 1BCE Roman Legionary and Centurion

    They're based on the characters from the HBO show Rome. Not sure if I'm going to do them as a single diorama, or as two separate figures. But, I'm going to log them both here and if I do them as two figures I'll enter them at the end separately. But I'm gonna build log them here. I don't have...
  5. unttld

    Pics of the new Episode VII Millenium Falcon leak

    Not entirely model related, but, there's a lot of Star Wars fans here, and it's kind of a model. Just… full scale sorta. And like most of the models I build, it's not done yet. :)
  6. unttld

    New brushes from Games & Gear [kickstarter alert]

    I've never used any of G&G's brushes but a lot of people really like them. They've got a new brush line that they're crowd funding. Apparently they'll be similar to W&N brushes… just thought I'd leave this here for you guys...
  7. unttld

    KZKT-537L - A Sci-Fi Variant

    Will post pictures in a bit. This is a Trumpeter model and I'm adding the Voyager Models photo etch, Tank Workshop resin wheels, Industrial Mechanika figures as the operators, and some alien something as the cargo. Managed to get the chassis fairly complete over the weekend. The nice thing with...
  8. unttld

    $50 photo booth.

    Just thought I'd share this Kickstarter project that's 1147% funded already. I just backed it. Looks like it'll be good for really small stuff. Just thought some of you might be interested in it.
  9. unttld

    Galaxy Express 999 Movie Version

    Got this for Christmas. Had to scratch build a bunch of parts which put me off finishing the kit. - The coal car is now finished. - The tracks/display is finished. - The interior of the cabin is finished. The regular lighting in my house is a bit darker so I generally overdo some of the...
  10. unttld

    Sci-fi Scott Robertson's Orbship

    Category: Sci-fi Name of Build: Scott Robertson's Orbship Kit manufacturer: Industria Mechanika Scale: 1/48 Description Sci-fi concept ship. I didn't follow the colour scheme that Industria Mechanika provided. I also changed one of the landing gears as the kit supplied part was just...
  11. unttld

    Creating Filters and Washes

    Okay, I've searched. Promise. I haven't made any filters with oil paints yet. I've mostly been using them as washes and weathering effects. Just wondering if anyone has made filters from oil paints and mineral spirits and if so what was the ratio of oil to spirits. Thanks!
  12. unttld

    Metallics with non-metallics.

    Note: My intention is not to say that someone who paints metal with non-metals is an idiot or has no skills or just troll the community in any way. I'm not a fan of non-metallic metallics. I've never seen one treatment that reflects the complexity of what is happening on a reflective surface...
  13. unttld

    Scale 75 Erik The Red

    Second entry. This one is a figure from Scale 75. It's 75mm (roughly 1:24 scale), and it's produced in metal. Here's some close ups: - Mandatory box photo. For all you fans of unboxing. - Sculpted base. - Lower body. Doesn't fit into the base properly, the right foot slot needs to be...
  14. unttld

    Roughing up decals

    I've looked around here and a few other places and haven't found any info on it. Sorry if it is a repeat, I did look… promise. Scouts honour. Can I scuff up decals the same way I chip paint? Or, if I let the decal dry out quite a bit and scrub it a bit with steel wool will that work? Just...
  15. unttld

    Industria Mechanika Orbship

    Here's my first entry in sci-fi. Also my first entry for this kind of thing period. It's a 1/48 resin kit based off of Scott Robertson artwork. Industria Mechanika worked with Scott to produce this kit, so I guess that makes it official garage kit.
  16. unttld


    Hello, I'm Derek from Toronto. Sorta started making models again — okay, the ones I made as a kid don't count but hey — earlier this year. I'm really bad at documenting that stuff, so I'll probably do more lurking than anything else. ^_^