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    FlakPanzer IV

    Hi all, This is my first AFV in 1/35 and 4th Model since returning to the hobby in 20 years. Also this is my first time 'basing' or building a little Dio. Please offer any advice or feedback. I know that as I look at the pictures I have found many little things I think I should of done...
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    I used to know a guy who did great You Tube vids....

    When I first came back to Scale Modeling a couple years ago I stumbled across a YouTube video of this crazy guy doing his own rendition of a Star Wars scene, and some how relating it to Scale Modelling. He had a kick ass forum I joined and loved watching his videos. Anyone know what happened to...
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    All I can say is WOW, and I want one! 7ft long
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    Hello, I have a question in regards to what people use to paint "gunmetal", for example particular color choices, brands and application. I am building a Whirbelwind, and am looking to try and get the 3.7cm guns to look as realistic as possible. Any advice on how you achieve a great looking...
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    1/72 Morser KARL 040/0041 Initial Version by Hobby Boss

    Well I have been away for some time from the hobby, and have a couple of shelf queens I need to finish up. But I figured since I have not been able to enjoy the hobby I love doing for so long, I would start off with a BANG! I figured what better than the 1/72 Morser KARL 040/0041 Initial...
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    I have been away for too long...

    OMG :o It seems like forever since i have smelled super glue and styrene. I have been away from the hobby and my friends here at SMA for too long. Real Life has had me very busy. But that was then, and this is now! I look forward to catching up on all the great things everyone has been doing...
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    Why do people lick their brushes?

    So I have watched several painters in videos (oddly it seems to be mostly mini painters). Now mind you I am not referring to a clean brush or a brand new one even. I am watching people load their brushes with paint and pop the brush in their mouth for a quick swirl or a lick? WTH? I don't...
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    Commission work needed

    Hi does anyone here or does someone know where i could get a custom figure sculpted? I am looking for a 1/24 1/25 scale baby in a johnny jump up or swing. I am currently building a 1/25 scale wrecker and I am looking to recreate this picture:
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    Can you bend resin?

    I don't have any spare resin to test with, but I was curious if you could heat and bend resin like you could with styrene? I have a resin light bar that I want to put on the headache rack of a towtruck however the light bar is perfectly straight and horizontal and the headache rack has a slight...
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    Homemade Humbrol streaking grime?

    Hi folks, I have several mini humbrol pots and too few enamel streaking effects. So I thought, "Hey maybe I can make my own". Tonight I am going to experiment making a few with what I got, but I have a question for those out there that may know more than me. What is a good mix ratio and is there...
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    Fruil alternative?

    Hi folks, so I was starting to build a wish list of things I need/want for some future builds I have planned in the new year. And one thing that I need a few of is "tracks", mostly due to the fact the tracks for at least three kits have horribly warped one piece rubber tracks. And after pricing...
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    Deal on 1/3oz Tamiya pots. $1.66

    I found this site today and order a few pots of tamiya for $1.66, pretty inexpensive me thinks... They don't have a full line but enough colors that I was able to save about $15 from where I normally order my stuff.
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    Need help with a gift build

    Hi gang, I am working on a model for my uncle, or should I say, I will be when it gets here. He owns a towing and recovery company and one of his first trucks was an older Chev "hooker" like this one I am trying to find after market parts, and...
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    For Scott G.

    Yo Scott. So I was browsing around for a good diorama vid or two to get some ideas and found this... Star Wars Celebration V Diorama Workshop : HOTH BATTLE Fly By Tests. I remember you saying you had a pretty huge Star Wars themed Dio planned.. Was it anything like this? :o
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    For all my Canadian friends!

    I chuckled when seeing this, and since our fearless leader of the site is a member of this fine country I thought it appropriate. Canadian Police Chase
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    Very ingenious DIY spray booth for the part time addict

    I thought this was worth sharing..DIY Airbrush Booth made easy
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    In search of (ISO) Rappelling commando 1/35

    Hi all, I am looking for one or more rappelling special forces commando's for a project I am planning. Not having any luck. Wondering if any of you may know of something?
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    Beat that horse - Camera Question

    I am sure this has been asked many times before, but I did not have much locating any previous posts with the info i was looking for. So let's "beat that dead horse" So I read Ian's thread on photography for scale modelling and it was a ton of help for stills. My old point and shoot Pentax is...
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    Finally.... 1/72 Jagdtiger

    Well when I joined this merry band of addicts here on SMA about a year ago I had begun work on a little 1/72 Jagdtiger I am finally pleased to announce I am nearing completion ( someone somewhere said that completion was the goal, not perfection :) ). Hmmm I wonder who that was. Anyway this...
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    Wow, wish these didn't cost so much.... Some very nice resin kits....