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  1. Neo

    Air The Butcher Bird's

    Category: Air Name of Build: The Butcher Bird's Kit manufacturer: Hasegawa Scale: 1/32 Description For the SMA BSC 2015 I present the FW-190 aka the Butcher Bird's. Using the fine Hasegawa kit ive built black 13 to the best of my modeling skills. The model was painted using a mix of...
  2. Neo

    1/32 Hasegawa FW190

    Well hello gents i just saw Scotts Early bird video and decided to make the best of it and be the first to post my build! To keep with my routine here is my AIR build for SMA 2015. Kit 1/32 Hasegawa FW190 A-8 Goodies Eagle cal decals eduard interior and flaps master barrels (first time...
  3. Neo

    Air The Flying Dump Truck

    Category: Air Name of Build: The Flying Dump Truck Kit manufacturer: tamiya Scale: 1/48 Description I present to you my Skyraider commonly known as "The The Flying Dump Truck" This is the Tamiya kit built right out of the box generously donated by Spud in 2012. The only exception are the 4...
  4. Neo

    The Flying Dump Truck (plan B)

    hey Guys for those of you who followed my short SuperBug entry well this is plan B, for the rest shame on you :P Kit : 1/48 Tamiya Skyraider often called the flying dump truck I got this kit has a prize right here in the BSC 2012 from SMA Spud. Thanks buddy. and since we fight for honor ...
  5. Neo

    LF Revell acura

    Hey guys Im loking for this oop kit Revell 1/25 Acura Integra Type R #85-2572 Pm me if you got one !! Cheers Neo
  6. Neo

    The Super Bug

    For this year i shall be building a Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18F from VF-103 the Jolly Rogers Ill be using the Blackbox resin cockpit and Fighter town decals For reference i have the amazing book from reid air publications "The Modern Super Hornet Guide" To start here is my "Proof of Life" [take a...
  7. Neo

    2010 For Mustang GT

    Hello Addicts! Im currently building a P-51D mustang and well i like to have a side project instead of watching paint dry. So in the spirit of mustang fever... this is what i started! Kit is the Revell Sepecial edition 2010 For Mustang GT here is some of the progress i decided to go with a...
  8. Neo

    Neo's blue angels collection just got BIGGER!

    Hey guys here is the latest addition to my ever growing blue angels collection! 1/48 Hasegawa Blue Angels edition OOB i did use eduard mask on this one came with Cartograph decals and resin cans oob one little hickup is that the decals are a tad dark and dont match Model master blue angels...
  9. Neo

    Trumpy AVGP Grizzly

    Hey Guys here my second entry its a 1/35 Trumpy AVGP Grizzly Got it from my secret santa Ive never built Armor before so this will be a little challenge. not sure i will have time to finish it with my Ki-84 #1 priority Worked on it a little today im wondering there are no color...
  10. Neo

    1/32 Hasegawa Ki-84

    Hey guys here is my entry A 1/32 Hasegawa Ki-84 got also Eduard marsk,interior and exterior sets Gona try to TRM this one ... i.e beat up the finish and make it look real worn .. i hope Uploaded with Went to the hobby shop and got some ModelMaster paint since ive never...
  11. Neo

    The Latest but far from the greatest !! 1/48 F-14B

    HI guys here is my latest but like the tittle says not the greatest!!! i love some part of it but the global product aint that great! Built OOB with Hasegawa weapon sets for the amo. I was going to try Chuck salt weathering technique but i had a little decal accident witch trew my interest...
  12. Neo

    BSC Airbrush swap

    Hi guys i received my custumly engraved SMA Badger Patriot 105 and its a beauty! But im wondering if anyone who got the second place Badger Krome would be interested in trading with me ? The reason is that im looking for a brush to do very fine line and the Krome has a .33 needle compared...
  13. Neo

    SMA Contest results are in check them out

    HA HA GOT YA could not resist!!!! Cheers Neo
  14. Neo

    Neo's 1/48A-7E

    Wll here we are this year in time for the start!!!! Decided on a Hasegawa 1/48 A-7E with eduard etch partial seamless sucker(not sure if i will use it) and some superscale decals. this is my fist time building this kit and i hope its fun !! It will alos be my 2nd Airbrused model so i cant...
  15. Neo

    Neo's Foiling Tutorial

    Ok so here is a contribution from me to SMA. At Fruit's request here is a small foiling tutorial (btw if more info is needed pm me i have tons of tutorial on foiling) Ingrediants I use Bare Metal Foil sheets before but they are too expansive but great for a fist time or small detail. you need...
  16. Neo

    1/48 F-4E city of homestead

    Hi guys well its time for my first wip on SMA. Started this guy for a GB on ARC but ill bring you up to date tonight and future progress also It the Pro modeler F-4E in 1/48 building this one OOB except for hasegawa weapon set. As always i will be hand painting using humbrol enamels Alright...
  17. Neo

    My Contest entries

    Well guys time to get some feed back i had 2 entries in the contest this year and surprisingly the one that got more votes is the one i spend the less time on!!! IMPORTANT NOTE These model are hand painted with Humbrol enamel. my airbrus setup is incomplete :-\ So here they are. Comments and...
  18. Neo

    Hey Hey from Montreal

    Hey guys Found this forum via a friend on AircraftResourceCenter and decided to come check it out Ive been modeling for about 2 years(oups typo 4year)(about 15 planes) now if you dont count the modeling i did as a kid with crazy clue and mom's nail polish as paint!! I mostly build 1/48...