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  1. Tanker52

    Tiger 1 African Front

    Put this away some time ago and now is the time to finish this Tiger!!! This is what it looked liked when I put it away... model was primed with Vallejo black surface primer and gray surface primer ( looks yellowish/brown in the pic because of my camera ). I was trying to create a two tone...
  2. Tanker52

    German Pz. Kpfw. T-70 743(r)

    This is the Miniart kit 1/35 scale. Nice kit and fit is great. First coat of paint done and also applied decals (bottom pics). Once the decals dry completely I will add a matt coat to blend and seal, then will finish the weathering as well as adding some chipping detail. For comparison, I...
  3. Tanker52

    M45 Pershing

    I am converting my M26A-1 Dragon kit 6801 that I built many years ago into a M45 Pershing also known as the 105mm Howitzer Medium Close Support Tank (T26E2). The M45 Pershing was used by the 6th Tank Battalion 24th Infantry Division in the Korean War. The M45 seen action in 1950 on the Pusan...
  4. Tanker52

    M45 Pershing

    I need some help on finding reference photo's of the exhaust assembly of the M-45 Pershing tank used by the 6th Tank Battalion in Korea. I am interested in building this version of Pershing tank and want to scratch build the exhaust assembly. Also, does anyone know why the reason for its...
  5. Tanker52

    T-70 Light Tank

    T-70 Light Tank 1/35 scale by Techmod. The kit goes together well with some fit issue on the underside of the turret. You will not see once the turret is fitted. Some of the details are soft but overall a good kit for a weekend build. I did make some changes to the kit parts. I used some...
  6. Tanker52


    This is the Batman 1/25 scale Moebius kit that comes with two figures. One figure is for the 1/25 bat-pod. The one I built here is a stand up figure. Went together with no issues. Figure details are good.
  7. Tanker52


    My entry for the BSC is Moebius 1/8 Spider-Man...
  8. Tanker52

    Messerschmitt Me-109G 1:48

    This is a Monogram 1:48 scale kit. I built this OOB over the weekend. Very simple kit and went together with no issues. The plane is painted using Vallejo paints. I made a several mask using masking tape to obtain the camo pattern. The mottled pattern was down free hand with an airbrush. I...
  9. Tanker52

    Video editing software and tools recommendations

    Currently I use Windows Movie Maker to make my videos. WMM freezes up and runs slow... >:(... I have been searching for some other video software to use. I do not want to spend over $100 bucks. Yea I know I am cheap but I would spend little more of it worth it in the long run. I have been...
  10. Tanker52

    D.I.Y. Workbench Tool Organizer

    Looking for a way to organize your tools, files, knives, etc... and cost you almost nothing to make. I put this video together on how I made my workbench organizer. DIY Tool Organizer
  11. Tanker52

    V-22 Osprey

    Here is my second entry for the SMA BSC 1/72 Italeri V-22 Osprey. [attachment deleted by admin]
  12. Tanker52

    Leopard 2A6

    Here is my first entry for the SMA BSC 1/35 scale Tamiya Leopard 2A6. [attachment deleted by admin]
  13. Tanker52

    Taking pictures and proper lighting need suggestions...

    I have a Kodak EasyShare C653 6.1 megapixel digital camera. Over all is a nice camera and I have had great results. But for taking pics of my builds is a different case. My pictures either come out to dark or to wash out. I tried the predefined screen settings but had no luck. So far I have...
  14. Tanker52

    Tamiya M3 Stuart Ligh Tank

    The kit is built mainly OOTB. I did add a scratch build screen to the engine deck and added wires for the lights. My goal for this build is more practice on weathering details and chipping effects. The paint scheme and markings is going to be the British Army 7th Armored Division in Africa. I...
  15. Tanker52

    British Scout car Daimler II

    The Tamiya British Scout car Daimler II is my entry for the War Wheels group build. I started on this month ago but just now getting around to posting my progress. Work has been keeping me busy last couple months. This is mainly going to be OOTB build with some little scratch building. I did...
  16. Tanker52

    HobbyWave and Free time Hobbies

    Has anyone ever bought models from these web vendors, HobbyWave or Free Time Hobbies HW has a nice selection of Gundam kits and good selection of Mr Color supplies. FTH has a nice seletion of Sci-Fi, amor, air craft, etc. Prices that...
  17. Tanker52

    Slave 1 amt/ertl kit

    This is my first sci-fi build. I set this aside awhile back because the kit had many fit errors and I became frustrated with it. My interest rekindled by the sci-fi builds on the forum. Using aves putty I have the ship together and primed. The goal for this build is the paint scheme and...
  18. Tanker52

    M4A3E8 SMA Big Spring Contest 2011

    Here is what I will be building for the 2011 SMA Big spring contest!!! More to come on the progress of my build here soon. [attachment deleted by admin]
  19. Tanker52

    Hello from Tanker52

    Hello to all at SMA, Tanker52 here. I am new here at the forum. I have been building models for many years and just started to post my build for the Big Spring Contest 2011 on youtube at scalemodelrendezvou7. I like building armor from ww2, Korean war, and sci-fi. Thanks Scott for creating...