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  1. Underlord

    Tiny Titanic!

    Ok, I think I’ve honestly gone completely bonkers! I’ve been building kits for gifts. (I’ve made a few for myself, too) Last year I entered a diorama, and had lots of fun. This year, there is no diorama category, and in keeping with extending myself beyond my comfort zone I decided to...
  2. Underlord

    You may have my cow, but you'll never get my goat!

    Scott, I hope this is ok, it looks like the paypal donation link was taking a long time to complete. Let me know if it doesn't finish. Here's my first (a little late) entry into the Spring contest! It'll be my first diorama! Untitled by anguscubed, on Flickr
  3. Underlord

    Cessna 180 upgrade

    I've been building kits for friends to get my skill level up. Mostly I build SciFi, but I have a friend who owns his own plane. I decided to build him a model of it. Here's the actual plane: Photo Courtesy of I've got a bunch more reference photos for my build, but basically...
  4. Underlord

    Underlord's Falcon (WIP)

    Ok, I've been hoping to build this one for about a year, and I hope my skills are up to the task. I'm sure I'll learn as much from others during this group build as I learn from my own mistakes. LOL! I'm starting with the MPC Return of the Jedi kit, adding: Some 1/72 aircraft seats that look a...
  5. Underlord

    Greetings and salutations!

    I've been lurking and sponging information for long enough. It's time I became a productive member of this community! I've been modeling on and off since the late 70's, and most recently I picked it back up in November of 2009. After my second divorce, I started dating someone who does...