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    'Grille' Ausf.H - Change of plans: Tarp

    Hey everybody! After a couple of months spent in the basement experimenting around with my airbrush, I'm finally starting on my next project: DML's 15cm sIG33/1 auf Fgst. Pz.Kpfw.38(t) 'Grille' Ausf.H Sd.Kfz.138/1. I have also started a new forum-based website where I will post all of my...
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    German Tank References

    Here's a great site for basic information on most German WWII tanks and their variants: This one also features valuable information on German armor and planes, as well as those of other countries:
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    Since we are all nerdish...

    ... I take it that at least some of us will have journeyed out of our mothers' houses for once, to partake in the viewing of the new Star Trek film? If this be the case, what did thee think of this new talking picture? I for one have seen all of the old Trek films and a couple episodes of all...
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    Show us your mancave(s)!

    I've always been curious of the surroundings of other modelers. Show us your caves and how you decorated the stone walls! This is the tiny room in the basement that I am allowed to do my painting and detail work in. I build my models in my room upstairs and once I'm done there, it's off to...