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    Zoukei Mura P51D Concept Notes

    I've just finished my ZM P 51 and I'm selling the concept notes for the aircraft. It is in excellent condition and I'm asking $20 shipped in the USA. It's a 110 page book and covers the ZM P 51D in full detail and the 1:1 P 51 in walk around detail. All in all a nice book.
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    ADH how to books for Tamiya 1:32 P-51D & MosquitoFB VI

    I have Bret Green's How to build the Tamiya 1:32 P-51D and 1:32 Mosquito FB VI for sale. Both books are in excellent condition. I'm asking $15 each, or both for $25,shipped within the continental United States.
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    Tamiya 1:32 Mosquito FB Mk.VI

    I recently completed my Tamiya Mosquito and hopefully the pictures will show up. It's painted in RAAF bare metal silver. This was due to the extreme heat and humidity in the South Pacific. The Mosquito was put together with epoxy glue and tons of brass screws. The traditional camouflage...
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    Meng M2A3 Bradley

    I recently ordered the Meng M2A3 from a company in Hong Kong. The price was $48 plus $13 surface shipping. Not a bad deal if you're willing to wait up to 12 weeks from order date for delivery. It's due here by 15 May. From all the write ups I've seen this is a really well done kit with...
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    1/12 Tamiya Wolf WR1

    This car has been discontinued for some time and reasonably priced kits are becoming hard to find. I found the latest version on ebay for $90US with free shipping from a seller in Quebec so I jumped on it. The big brown truck brought it today. The injection molding looks very clean. I think...
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    F 102 and other delta wing aircraft

    I recently completed an Encore 1/48 F 102A and was surprised to find it was set up with flaps. Having worked on 102's for four years with the 32nd FIS in the Netherlands I know for sure no 102(or F 106 or B 58) was ever built with flaps. Delta wing aircraft have elevons. Flaps would try to...