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  1. Sudsy

    Imperial fists Space Marine scratchbuild diorama (13th scale - 7")

    Awesome work, the music from Dawn of War adds a nice touch as well!
  2. Sudsy

    Paper Armour (Armor for you Yanks)

    Post MORE paper armor! I've got A LOT of paper armor I've built over the last year in game scales such as 28mm/1:56th (mostly designed by a fellow named Patoroch out of the Ukraine...). I might have to bring some of those pictures over to here... Where can we find your models if you...
  3. Sudsy

    Custom Decals?

    As a caveat to the using decal paper, some good USAF graphics for use with a photo editor to set up your decals can be found here on the USAF website art section: As far as photo editors to set up decals (or any image generation really)...
  4. Sudsy

    1:35 US Army ACU, USMC Digital Camo?!

    Those decals look interesting... Might save some sanity compared to trying to pint the digital patterns by hand (this coming from a guy who has done stippling with a .03 technical pen on art that has exceeded 17" on illustration board, maybe I am crazy enough to paint it by hand...).
  5. Sudsy

    1:35 US Army ACU, USMC Digital Camo?!

    I just acquired some Taimya 1:35th scale US Army/USMC Iraq soldiers to go with my 1:35th scale TACP Stryker (AFV Club version)... Has anyone found a way to paint ACU/digital camo? Or is there a decal? Or do you merely just do the basic color blotches? Any tricks, tips, advice, or other...
  6. Sudsy

    1/35 M1130 TACP Stryker & 1/72 M1126 ICV Stryker with slat armor

    So far, this TACP Stryker looks like the one I rode in Mosul Iraq... Add some more (scale) moon dust, and it'll resemble the one I rode in Rawah... Fantastic work here! I've got an AFV Club TACP Stryker I've been working on since 2009 that also now has 2500+ miles of travel (from Fairbanks AK...