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    Old male armour

    Could have sworn I pressed the Mk 1 buy it button, seems I did Mk V but it’s not an issue, still gonna be my first 1/35 tank, not the 1/56 I’ve been used to with Bolt Action
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    Old male armour

    Just realised it’s the Mk V that’s coming, not Mk 1
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    Bolt Action 14th Army

    Been working on a 14th Army for Bolt Action. Sikhs are kitbashed Warlord plastic, HQ and 25lb team Warlord metal, remainder are TAG. one of each tank used the major actions (apart from the Matilda Frogger, never used by British, but it’s available so makes interesting choice). Sherman V and a...
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    Old male armour

    Im in, got the Takom Mk 1 Male ordered, should be here next week Got some Bolt Action to finish off this weekend, so ready to go next weekend hopefully. As it’s my first 1/35 model should be good fun