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  1. spruecutter

    FAR T-33A 1961-1/48 Academy

    What's "wordy"? Is that like "shirty"?
  2. spruecutter

    FAR T-33A 1961-1/48 Academy

    Why? And no. I am not ripping apart the fuselage to re engineer the rear seat.
  3. spruecutter

    FAR T-33A 1961-1/48 Academy

    Downtime thanks but it's a plane not a sailing ship, I will use plastic card stock.
  4. T33 12.JPG

    T33 12.JPG

  5. spruecutter

    FAR T-33A 1961-1/48 Academy

    Here is a picture showing the seats in without the ejection rails or headrests in. The front seat area has room the rear is very questionable.
  6. spruecutter

    FAR T-33A 1961-1/48 Academy

    Thanks, I have the fuselage together with 17 grams of weight in the nose. I can't figure why Academy left a gaping see through hole behind the 2nd pilots seat by the headrest. I saw a build elswhere and the modeler blanked it out with card stock. Also I don't think the back seater's seat is...
  7. T33 11.JPG

    T33 11.JPG

  8. T33 9.JPG

    T33 9.JPG

  9. spruecutter

    Sanding the pain in the rear but often the pain needs to be endured.

    I had a brother like that, worked in a mold shop, stated out on Bridgeports, lathes, then boring mills and finally polishing. For a hobby he was making a telescope, polished the lens by hand. I was a lowly welder, iron worker then went into a machine building company, working with stainless...
  10. spruecutter

    FAR T-33A 1961-1/48 Academy

    Moving right along, cockpit done and in right side fuselage. Now to order resin seats.
  11. T33 4.JPG

    T33 4.JPG

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    T33 3.JPG

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  14. spruecutter

    FAR T-33A 1961-1/48 Academy

    Here is the replacement 1/48 T-33A for the now defunct Testors kit. Same subject, Cuban Revolutionary Air Force T-33A during the Bay of Pigs in 1961.
  15. T33 2.JPG

    T33 2.JPG

  16. T33 1.JPG

    T33 1.JPG

  17. spruecutter

    New to this

    I only brush paint smaller details. I used Model Master paints but they are no longer available so I now use Vallejo Model Color acrylic which is excellent for brush painting, if too thick I use their thinner, Thinner Medium and mix it in a small pallet. I clean the brushes with 90% isopryl alcohol.
  18. spruecutter

    1/72 F-102A-Meng

    The area below the tail around the burner can has been painted a bright gun metal color.
  19. Dagger 32.JPG

    Dagger 32.JPG

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    Dagger 31.JPG