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  1. ModelManiac62

    First model in 42 years. How time flies!

    Great 1st build after many years. I also got back into model buliding after many years. Close to 45 years..The internet is just tremendous resource for this and just about any hobby or any thing.. I can easily find kits that I had built when I was a kid is something that is really fun. The...
  2. ModelManiac62

    Newbie to Forum

    Thanks very much for the kind words. I got the Ma.K. / Hasegawa kit on ebay. It is 1/35 scale not the 1/20 scale like most MK kits I have seen. It is suppose to go with the Metal Slug Tank. I am working on a AF Club 3/4 ton Dodge military truck. This is a really nice kit. Struggling with the air...
  3. ModelManiac62

    Painting 1/35 & 54mm Faces with oils .

    I will strive to get this good for figures.. the Jeep is pretty nice too.
  4. ModelManiac62

    COVID - Drive thru testing

    I got laid off due to the Boeing 737MAX and the ripple effects of COVID-19 making finding a new job almost impossible at age 58. I really liked seeing your skills used to illustrate a snap shot of life in the 2020's. I would like to do something like that depicting the recent protests and...
  5. ModelManiac62

    Newbie to Forum

    Hi all, I recently got back into modeling. I got laid off and found myself with more time on my hands than I have had in the last 30 years. I used to build models like crazy when I was a kid. My mom would let me pick out a model at the grocery store ($2.00 for a Revell Willys Gasser drag racer...