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  1. airdave

    Paint source

    Thats is definitely the way to do it!! Get the entire set of paints at the start. Not only do you save a little on the overall price (looks like about 20%) but you are going to save on future shipping costs, and/or trips to the hobby store. Plus the time spent/wasted/waiting on future orders. It...
  2. airdave

    Tom Daniels enthusiast ?

    Sorry, I think I wordedmy last post funny. My Hemi Semi paper model won Third in the "Mild" category. (My other entry, a tooned Deora paper model was the one I had hoped would place, but didn't. It got "Honorable mention" in the "Wild" category) Anyway, heres a couple more of my Tom Daniel's...
  3. airdave

    Tom Daniels enthusiast ?

    I have added many many Tom Daniels designs to my Koolwheelz model collection. In case you didn't know, Koolwheelz are one sheet paper/card models that I create. I will share some photos of those , but first... I modified and entered two of my Koolwheelz models in a "Tooned" contest on another...
  4. airdave

    What are your other hobbies?

    Scramble is a one or two player game. Seems there is a big trend now toward solo player games, so I took the bait. I never played any Avalon Hill games myself, but recently a friend inspired to start work on another Card & Dice game, based on WW2 Sub warfare. He described an Avalon Hill...
  5. airdave

    Kennedy Patrol boat

    That shouldn't matter when it comes to that mast. The mast carries the beacon, and flags...required in port. It folds down and locks to the Day Room roof when not needed. So no reason why it would not be there. The fore deck cannon was added nearer the end of the boat's life. That could be the...
  6. DSC_1455 detail.jpg

    DSC_1455 detail.jpg

  7. airdave

    Kennedy Patrol boat

    Very very nice! Almost makes me want to build one in plastic! lol Where is the tower? I notice DownTime's kit also does not show the tower. Does the kit not include the tower? There should be a tower mast. You can install erect or locked down on top of the Day Room.
  8. airdave

    What are your other hobbies?

    Well since you asked... other than designing, building and selling paper scale model kits, I also design tabletop games. Its all about the graphic art for me, and I got into designing my own games about 3 years ago. Included in my designs are a couple of auto racing themed games, and a couple of...
  9. airdave

    1/12 GT-40 MkII 1966 (Ken Miles version?)

    Calling this one done!!! I've had enough of it! lol Not all has gone smoothly or to plan, but I cannot get the front body to fit well. the gaps are huge and theres a small twist to the part. And...the hinge mounting is ridiculous. The too short pins don't line up with the holes in the chassis...
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    Masters of the Air

    To be honest, haven't B17 films been done to death? How about a Band of Brothers style series about B-24s. For me, they were the work force of USAF. Faster than B17, longer range, and more bomb capacity. Less guns. More B24s produced. More lost. B24 crews were the true Masters of the Air.