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    Battlestar Galactica kits

    For those that would like to add to your BSG fleets. I put out over 25 different BSG kits to include Battlestars, Escorts to the Battlestars, Cylons, civilians, and other ships BOTH the Classic, and New series shows. They are 1/4105 scale. I will try to get pictures of some of the kits posted...
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    BamBam - Battlestar Valkyrie - 1/3700

    Because this kit is NOT The Valkyrie. Granted a buyer, and builder can put the name on the kit. However after extensive research which involved a lot of picture research of the Valkyrie in the "Hero" episode of BSG, and other episodes the Valkyrie types were shown it is proven this kit is NOT...
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    BamBam - Battlestar Valkyrie - 1/3700

    This is a gorgeous kit. I have one myself. The only problem is this. It is not the Battlestar Valkyrie. However it is a battlestar, and makes an excellent addition to any fleet.
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    1/4015 Battlestar Prometheus

    I wanted to update on this. I put out over 25 different BSG kits for both the classic, and the new series. They include canon, and new Battlestars, escorts to the Battlestars, Cylons, and others. The only scale in 1/4105 is what I do. They range from the Eastern Alliance Destroyer at roughly 1...