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    Masking tape marks on ClearCoat... :(

    I saved it the most I could, but being a Tank guy, I did learn a lot! Now, I got that Tiger in the work, that will soon sports a faded winter camouflage…
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    Masking tape marks on ClearCoat... :(

    Thanks for the comment, and this product I didn’t know existed! Although for this project, I carefully sanded and polished the surface carefully to get back a shine. Still, the surface took my fingerprints, so it was painful to manage…. As I mentioned, I added some paint retarder in the paint...
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    Masking tape marks on ClearCoat... :(

    No sir, I used the Tamiya yellow tape. I later on concluded the issue was the used of paint retarder I put in my paint mix, I think it messed the cure time enough to cause this…
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    Masking tape marks on ClearCoat... :(

    Hi! That would be about 15 min between each coats. I think the 3 weeks period was long enough, I read that preferably 72 hours is required for complet curing, and some modeller on YT don't touch it for a week... So I was doing some thinking last night, I came to the conclusion that I sprayed to...
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    Masking tape marks on ClearCoat... :(

    HI, I'm kind of left alone with my issue as idk any modeller personally... So, I am mostly an 1/35 armour modeller trying to get a nice car model done with a shiny paint and all but now I have this issue that have just ruined all my efforts and left me discouraged (Actually, I'm really pissed...
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