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    Old male armour

    Looks great!
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    Old male armour

    Some excellent advice about the guns. I broke a peg on one without realizing it and I broke a barrel on another gun. Think the model takes three to build and there's for in the kit. If I break another barrel I'll have to get the barrel kit.
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    D-Day collective build?

    I've been wanting to build a P-38 so decided to build do it for this build. I found a 1/48 Hasegawa P-38J. Let's go!
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    D-Day collective build?

    Best wishes @greyphantom1000 ! That's a tough battle for sure. I would like to join this group build as well. Might have something appropriate...but the search for inspiration begins.
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    Old male armour

    My kit arrived today! Just looking over it I was impressed. Please keep in mind I'm new to scale models (last one I touched was at least 20 years ago and wasn't serious and even then barely tried...more like 30 some years). Because of this thread I decided first thing was to assemble the track...
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    Old male armour

    Looks great!
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    Old male armour

    Thanks! Can't wait to see this thing come together. Question for you - why did you make the textured surface on your build (looks good!)? I have been trying to research how it was manufactured and I haven't come up with much.
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    Old male armour

    I'm in! Something is just really appealing about building the first tank. I was able to find one pretty reasonably priced. Seemed like only eBay had them for about $70 with shipping but Andy's Hobby Headquarters has one for about $55 with shipping. Excited to join the build!
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    Old male armour

    Real tempted too!
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    Old male armour

    I'm enjoying seeing everyone's progress here!
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    Looking good!
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    First Model - Mk. A Whippet - Suggestions Appreciated

    Not sure if the original poster is still around but that model is looking great @Neon !
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    Excellent job! This is a kit I'm interested in...just gotta get through a couple models first.
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    Academy 1/72 P-51 Mustang B/C

    Went back to this model after completing my Bulldog. Got the two fuselage sections together and started working on the landing gear. I messed up and glued one of the landing gears the wrong way! Maybe I should remove the gear doors until after I paint them?
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    Second Model 1/35 Tamiya Bulldog

    Good to know! My Hobby Lobby is not very good. I am also a wargamer and would go there looking for supplies, which they have very few. Guess I'll need to go more often and see if they restock or run the sale again. I appreciate the kind words on the build. It was a lot of fun( compared to my...
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    Second Model 1/35 Tamiya Bulldog

    Hello all! This is my second build and was a kit I picked up on a whim. While shopping at the local Hobby Lobby for supplies they had all model kits 40% off so I grabbed anything that looked interesting and this was one. Picked up the kit for just under $11. At this point I've completed...
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