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  1. General Martok

    Tamiya 1/24 Lexus LFA

    Entry number#2 The Tamiya Lexus LFA. An SOB build. Not liking to build the kit as per what's on the box top, the car will get a nice blue body colour with black and blue interior and blue brake calipers. Toss up between the Tamiya TS-51 Racing Blue or TS-64 Dark Mica Blue...
  2. General Martok

    Out of the comfort zone-Tamiya 1/20 McLaren M23/1976

    This year, I am going attempt two builds for the contest. Picked up this nice 1/24th Tamiya McLaren M23 Formula 1 Car off of Ebay. Never have attempted an F1 car before, so this should be interesting. There is a photo etch set that is available which I'll think try. Again, never tried photo...
  3. General Martok

    SMA/Elm City Hobbies Big Spring Contest 2014 Participation Discount

    Does that include your used items list? I was eyeing that M51 Isherman. Looks pretty sweet.
  4. General Martok

    Members Sponsored Prizes

    :D Thank you very much for the Corvette. You must have read my mind, I was thinking of getting one later on in the year. Love that split window. Great builds from everyone, although I was suprised from the number of people who entered and the actual number of models completed.
  5. General Martok

    Auto Simba 8x8 GFLF Airport Fire Truck

    Category: Auto Name of Build: Simba 8x8 GFLF Airport Fire Truck Kit manufacturer: Revell Germany Scale: 1/24th Description Kit is built straight out of the box, (With the exception of the custom made decals). I wanted to create a North American style Airport Fire Truck, so I...
  6. General Martok

    Enterprise Bridge-new layout-SMA BSC 2014

    I remember that kit when I was younger. It's nice to see the old kits again getting re-released. That is going to look amazing when completed.
  7. General Martok

    Contest Entry--Revell Germany 1/24 GFLF Simba 8x8 Airport Fire Truck

    Hello, it has been a while since I posted or touched plastic... Here is my contest entry, the recently released Revell 1/24th Scale GFLF Simba 8x8 Airport Fire Truck. This is my my original one I bought back on Ebay a couple of years ago before they re-released. So I bought another one for my...
  8. General Martok

    A Fistful of Chargers

    Didn't use the hi-impact colours, but the Model Master Purplelicous has a nice metalflake sheen to it under the clearcoat. The green is simply a high gloss solid green. I found a good article on the net building the Street Charger...
  9. General Martok

    A Fistful of Chargers

    After a couple weeks, here is the latest progress; Both bodies painted & polished. For the Green Charger, I used Model Master Green-Go Lacquer decanted for airbrush. Polished with Meguiar's Scratch X & Turtle Wax. No clearcoat added. Black stripes on the rear panel masked and painted with...
  10. General Martok

    A Fistful of Chargers

    Thank you sir... I have already started on the engines. Will post those pictures in the next couple of days. ;D
  11. General Martok

    A Fistful of Chargers

    More like an armful of Chargers.... My wife and kids so thoughfully gave me these kits for Christmas. (I dropped enough hints...). I plan to build both kits for the Group 25 Car Model Builder's Contest/Show in Toronto taking place on September 21st/2013. Both will be quite different to...
  12. General Martok

    Contest Final Entries

    Sent my 4 entries in. Took a hiatus last year in building models due to work/life issues and wasn't able to enter the contest last year. Thanks again for running this contest, good luck to everyone....
  13. General Martok

    Checkerboard Airbus

    No, 144th scale. Compared to a couple of 777's and 747's I built....It's tiny....
  14. General Martok

    Qaplah...Fellow Modelers.

    Yes, I went in 2009 and won a 3rd Place for a DC-8 UPS Airliner and 1st Place for a Revell Mercedes Fire Engine. Did not make it this year, I was waiting for decals from Germany for another airliner that arrived the Monday after the contest!!
  15. General Martok

    Qaplah...Fellow Modelers.

    Greetings from Oshawa, Ontario. No we don't belong to the evil Toronto Empire.... Been a member since the spring contest, my apologies for not posting earlier... Work and the family keeps me busy.... My main focus is Airliners. But I also like, Gundam Robots, Dodge Muscle Cars, Fire Engines...
  16. General Martok

    [WIP] Trumpeter 1/35 Faun SLT-56 Tank Transporter {Franziska}

    Looks really good. I have the same kit with photo etch as well. Will takle it one day once I invest in one of those etch mates to bend the photo etch. On another topic, I can't wait when Hobby Boss brings out the Oshkosh Tank Transporter. Won't have to 2nd mortage the house on buying the...
  17. General Martok

    Checkerboard Airbus

    Greetings. I haven't built much in the last little due to work commitments and lack of space to display my finished models. (I have about +400 Kits down in the basement!!) This is the Revell Airbus A319 British Airways Kit finished in the special Germanwings Park Inn scheme. I like...