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  1. Izewolf

    Gundam Heavyarms EW and Liger Zero Panzer Unit

    Greeting all, Going to be posting my progress on a project that I am finally getting time to work on, I am going to be making my hunter moc with the Gundam Heavyarms EW 1/100 and the 1/72 Liger Zero with Panzer unit armor. This will be my hunter and pet combo heavy artillery team. Right...
  2. Izewolf

    GF13-050 NSW Nobell Gundam 1/144 Build

    This is my second entry Nobell Gundam, but as much as I like this gundam I am going to recolor her and change her hair type. With that I am not sure if this would fall under Sci-fi or All-open because of the modification. Oh sorry for the crammed looking pics, need to try another way to get...
  3. Izewolf

    Dodge Viper SRT10 ARC 1:25 Build

    My Auto entry is the Dodge Viper SRT10 ARC, going with a Arctic Blue Metallic body color, and Gloss Black Metallic racing stripe. Going to be making a different racing stripe like the car but not the stripe pattern. Will see what other details I can make unique with this build. Well good luck...