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    Gunze Sangyo paint, primer & thinners are back at Redfroghobbies !!!

    Well we have it and it's ready to sell !!! Most paints are back in, primers in spray cans and bottles, Thinners and Mr Dissolved putty. We also have a few new items from Gunze Sangyo also.
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    Jersey Fest

    We will be vending at Jersey fest in Sept...Hope to see many of you !!!
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    Gunze restock

    Well after a long wait we are finally getting product in from Gunze Sanyo ie: Paints, primer,Mr Dissolved putty etc. We will be updating the website to reflect what has arrived. Thank you Ron
  4. Redfroghobbies

    Super sale

    Hello all we got a great deal on this plane so we are passing on the savings. Hasagawa 1/72 F/A18F Super Hornet USN Fighter. $7.00 USD We were selling this kit for $26.99 Limited supply
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    AK Interactive weathering magazine

    OK issue # 4 is in and hot of the press !!! Also the revised FAQ 2 is in also check them out by clicking on the link.
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    Tenax 7 Glue

    Hello, after a long wait Tenax 7 is back in stock.
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    Gunze Sangyo paint is back at Redfroghobbies

    OK we have many of the paints back on line. We also have some stuff coming tonight/tomorrow that will be up that has not been available in this country and also some stuff that has been unavailable for years.
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    Gunze Sangyo paint arrival at Redfroghobbies

    Great news I have a line on some Gunze sangyo piants and primers and other assorted goodies. Will keep you updated on when the arrive.
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    Naval colors from AK Interactive & Chipping magazine

    Hello all. AK Naval colors have arrived along with volume 3 of the magazine. We still also have some #2's in stock
  10. Redfroghobbies

    New piments from Mig Productions

    Mig now has larger jars of the following pigments in both Fine & Rough textures Europe Dry mud Fine Europe Dry mud Rough Europe wet mud fine Europe wet mud Rough Sub Sahara Wet Mud Fine Sub Sahara Wet Mud Rough
  11. Redfroghobbies

    New from Moebius

    New from our friends at Moebius The creature from the black lagoon. Very nice long awaited kit
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    SKP models

    Well for those looking for this line we have added them for your enjoyment. They offer some unique items for your building pleasure. Have a look and tell me what you think.
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    New product form Vallejo

    Hello all. Vallejo has introduced a line of washes for all you builders. We have listed them on the page. They also have introduced a chipping solution. check them out.
  14. Redfroghobbies

    New line from Lionmarc Model designs

    Well we found anither nice line of turned metal 1/35 scale barrels from Lionmarc. Here is a link. Let us know what you think.
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    Three new AFV kits available

    These kits are now available AFV-35109 1/35 M109A2 Howitzer Gun w/M1A1 Collimator Aiming Device AFV-35144 1/35 T34/76 Mod 1942/43 No.183 Full Interior Tank AFV-35163 1/35 Bofors 40mm Anti-Aircraft M1 Gun
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    Panda 1/35 Russian 2S6M Tunguska Anti-Aircraft Artillery has arrived !!

    Just in from Panda, this look like it's going to be another nice one 1/35 Russian 2S6M Tunguska Anti-Aircraft Artillery
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    KittyHawk Models two brand new kits

    Two brand new kits now available 1/48 SEPECAT Jauuar A from kitty has has arrived and is in stock ready to ship The Jaguar is an orthodox single-seat, swept-wing, twin-engine monoplane design, with tall tricycle type retractable landing...
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    Merry Chistmas to all !!

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.
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    AK Interactive Weathering Magazine Vol 2 "Dust"

    Well we have in stock for all those who have been waiting for it. Limited availability so order now.
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    Alclad Airbrush specs & info

    Ok, here are the descriptions for the new Alclad Airbrushes. As you can see, they include some extra goodies and are also priced very well Alclad single action Internal mix Item Number: ALC-9200 Description: Alclad Accurate Airbrush is the simple to use fine spray airbrush. Single action...