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  1. dogfish7

    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    HEY! LOOK! I"M A JOURNALIST! DON"T................. FIRE!!
  2. dogfish7

    1967 Shelby Cobra csx #3243

    One of my favorites. I'm in.
  3. dogfish7

    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    Just keeps gettin better n better.
  4. dogfish7

    Do you find cooking and scale modeling are similar?

    You guys are giving me indigestion.:eek:
  5. dogfish7

    Ian McQue Inspired Flying Rig

    Really fun to watch your work.
  6. dogfish7

    My collection of Anti-Gravity Vehicles

    You guys need up and down arrows.:oops:
  7. dogfish7

    USS Enterprise E from Star Trek Nemesis

    I'll follow along.
  8. dogfish7

    1/35 T29E3 Takom

    Excellent detail work! :cool:
  9. dogfish7

    1/35 Modelcollect Sd.kfz Rhinozeros

    Great looking build!
  10. dogfish7

    DER HOFNARR ( re-upload of " Modern Snacks ") modified Ma.K. Kuster

    Sure are some interesting techniques.
  11. dogfish7


    Bout a Mini-Cam, which I hope to incorporate into the build.
  12. dogfish7

    "Tal'ya's Tempest" A custom saberstaff

    It's strange to think, that in the near future, we will be slicing and dicing our way through the Universe.
  13. dogfish7


    It's fun to try and picture the different elements to the Droid. His ( or her ) roll is another question. The only other accessories they offer, so far, is an AXE and 2 scale Cats. Go figure huh. Droids like Cats or maybe it's the other way around. I see a small Dip approaching. Thanks Andrew...
  14. dogfish7

    1:350 Survey Cruiser (Original Design)

    Amazing details for this scale.:cool:
  15. dogfish7


    It should be for the price they're asking. Planning to add a real Mini-Cam to CLYDE for extra realism and home security.
  16. dogfish7

    Fly like an Eagle

    Cool markings.
  17. dogfish7


    Thanks. Hopefully soon on primering.
  18. dogfish7


    Good. It's looking like there will be 5 different colors on this Robot or Droid. Not sure what I have in stock yet, but will decide while shooting primer and assembling a few pieces.
  19. dogfish7


    The next step was to cut off and sand all the resin tabs on each piece. There was a lot of that. Now the parts are sitting over by the paint booth awaiting Primer.
  20. dogfish7


    The first step was to soak all the parts in Westley's Bleech White, then wash in Dawn and dry them out.