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  1. letsgobrowns82

    Dragon SEP or AIM

    Looking for the dragon SEP kit #3536 or the AIM (don't know the kit number). If you have one and want cash for it send me a message.
  2. letsgobrowns82

    Here is how I started my monday morning

    Awesome lol [attachment deleted by admin]
  3. letsgobrowns82

    Hasegawa F-14A

    Well my M1070 is winding down and I am doing a couple nascar kits but I will just throw those up with finished pics. Anyways I am attempting to do a "super detailed" F-14. I going to be working on this kit until the spring contest and then its going to have to sit for a while. Here is the kit...
  4. letsgobrowns82

    CA Flexi File tips

    Anyone have a good tip to keep your CA flex tips free from clogging up. Im trying acetone right now but it is still clogged.
  5. letsgobrowns82

    Hobby Boss M1070

    After a long summer of trying to get to my work bench and get some progress done on the M1151 I realized that I had completely lost motivation on that kit. So now with fall and winter on its way I figure I am going to have time to dive into a project. This has been on my mind for some time now...
  6. letsgobrowns82

    Academy M1151

    Okay well I'm finally getting a new build going after getting settled into my new place. I'm working on Academy's M1151. So far the kit looks pretty good but we will see how it goes. I put some money down on some a.m. parts that I think will make this kit standout. I purchased the suspension...
  7. letsgobrowns82

    I'm finally back!!!

    Well its been an extremely long five months. I didn't even have a chance to let anyone here know I was going. My wife ended up leaving me and I went through a long and horrible custody battle with her over my son. Things got very ugly for a few months and I was left living with relatives in a...
  8. letsgobrowns82

    LifeColor Paints

    So recently I decided to try out acrylics and I purchased a few of these paints. They seem to come out of the airbrush fine and look great but then they dry and seem to become very dull almost like a white hue to them. The matte clear left a white shade on my black frame thats really noticeable...
  9. letsgobrowns82

    Ebay Question

    So I buy a lot of stuff on Ebay and every now and then I sell something. I am selling one of my guitars and I got this message about it and to me it sounds fishy. Anybody deal with something like this, is it a scam? Hi Dear Friend! Im so happy that i find this guitar! i want it very much!! But...
  10. letsgobrowns82


    Well I just got done watching this movie. I remember seeing the previews and being really excited about it coming out. After having watched it though I think I can honestly say that it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen! Not only did the movie suck, but it was really long. So there...
  11. letsgobrowns82

    Christmas in November

    Oh what a great day. If there is one game a year I want to win its against Pittsburgh and today Santa gave me an early present. It wasnt the prettiest game but it will be fun to see all those Steeler fans making excuses at work tomorrow about why they lost and how unfair the refs were. ;D ;D ;D...
  12. letsgobrowns82

    Christmas Trees

    Well its that time of year. I thought I'd post a pic of our tree and if you want you can share yours too. I'm a sucker for Christmas, with all the lights and snow etc. [attachment deleted by admin]
  13. letsgobrowns82

    AK Worn Effects

    So I got some of my new AK products in the mail today and I was really excited about the Worn Effects. Anyways its acrylic based and says to spray a couple coats on and then apply an acrylic color over it. Well I dont use acrylics so will enamels still work overtop of this. I hope so. If anyone...
  14. letsgobrowns82

    Bronco M1114 Up-Armored HA

    Okay since my M1A2 build is slowly winding down its time to go into the stash and get something new. I decided to start the M1114 Up-Armored Heavy Armor Tactical Vehicle. This kit is sweet looking, I picked it up after watching Schwienhund227's youtube review of it. Anyways here's a couple shots...
  15. letsgobrowns82

    Enamel Paints

    So this is starting to really annoy me. I use Model Master enamel paints. Its just what I grew up on, I started using them 18 years ago when I first started building models. Anyways I have some of those colors that you just dont use often I think this time it was a dark blue of some sort...
  16. letsgobrowns82

    Tamiya M1A1

    I bought this kit specifically for the mine plow so that I could take it and put it on my Dragon M1A2. So I only opened the bag that had the sprue with all the plow pieces, which were all on one sprue. Everything else is still in bags and sealed. I'm not going to build it and I'd like to trade...
  17. letsgobrowns82

    Movies and Modelling!!!

    Well I have about seven hours of free time by myself to model CRAZY!!! Anyways I'm a huge "movie re-watcher" for lack of a better term and was wondering how many of you put on movies as background noise while modelling and what they are. Personally I'm a huge "Big Lebowski" fan. That movie is...
  18. letsgobrowns82

    No Work Today

    Well I couldnt go to work today because my son has pink eye. Poor guy, I feel bad for him. Since he's only 15 months its not really a day off where I can get a bunch of modelling done. So we are just hanging out and I am showing him some of the WIPS here on SMA. Never too early to get them...
  19. letsgobrowns82

    Dragon M1A2 SEP

    Well this was my project for the big spring contest and I think the last time I touched it was in late May. I had to go to 3rd shift for a couple months and we had a death in the family so things have just been very stressfull over the last few months, not leaving much time or ambition to model...
  20. letsgobrowns82

    Dragon M1A2 SEP

    Well this is a huge kit and I've got a lot of work to do on it so I entered right away lol. This is the Dragon M1A2 SEP. I've got lots of extras I want to put into it so off we go!!!!!!!! [attachment deleted by admin]