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  1. SteelSnail

    Hello guys

    Bienvenido compatriota.
  2. SteelSnail


    Welcome Dave. We are all mad addicted here.
  3. SteelSnail

    Hi guys :)

    Welcome Dave. We are all mad addicted here.
  4. SteelSnail

    Hello from Canada

    Welcome Mike! We are all mad addicted here :o
  5. SteelSnail

    Started my first kit, and frustrated. Help PLZ

    Don't give up. You are away from your comfort zone but on your way to a great journey. ;) Actually I never use primer for the interior but anyway. TRM and andrei383 gave good advice for using spray cans and as PharmPony mentions try to go for a Tamiya fine primer. Now, some spray cans loose a...
  6. SteelSnail

    P.A. Grand National

    Doh! I just realized I posted one pic twice. Quaralane, noname, Grendels thank you very much. I entered it into Saturday's contest but came home without an award :( I was a little disappointed but I guess I should have put more attention when I joined the chassis to the body. Anyway, here are...
  7. SteelSnail

    66 Malibu

    It's looking better and better. I love the idea of using white because you can try to replicate high contrasting effects like these:
  8. SteelSnail

    66 Malibu

    I'm glad you redid the box. It looks much better now. And the bits that you added to the turret does make it stand out. Really cool.
  9. SteelSnail

    P.A. Grand National

    I finished it! :D I kind of rushed it because next Saturday there is a local contest and I want to take it there. Every time I sat down to work on it I kept thinking "this is a project that can easily get out of hand don't let it" Because there is no limit to the level of detail, modifications...
  10. SteelSnail

    P.A. Grand National

    Hello, hobby accomplices, time for an update. I wanted to experiment with some of my new toys (paints, washes and more I recently got). So I used AK Interactive's Chipping color (AK 711) as a base color. Then I applied AK's Heavy chipping liquid. Because of the consistency of the heavy chipping...
  11. SteelSnail

    1/48 Tamiya VW aka Herbie the War Bug

    You put to much effort on the interior so may I suggest you make sure it is visible.
  12. SteelSnail

    Bronco Bustin'

    It's looking good and I really like the idea. :)
  13. SteelSnail

    66 Malibu

    i know that feeling. Scratch building can be fun.
  14. SteelSnail

    P.A. Grand National

    Thanks you Grendels, peza. Noname, if it's not visible I will probably won't use it. I got sick really bad over the weekend so I didn't get any work done although I did draw some sketches of what I'd like for weapongs. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel much better and I'll get something done.
  15. SteelSnail

    1/48 Tamiya VW aka Herbie the War Bug

    Is that a newspaper announcing the zombie apocalypse? Way to go!
  16. SteelSnail

    Hi everyone. Im from Mexico.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.
  17. SteelSnail

    Italeri Oshkosh mobile settlement

    Maybe the new Walking dead episodes will bring your mojo back into this build. I hope so.
  18. SteelSnail

    Zombie Hunter Gyro-copter

    Yeah, like Noname said all the little details really add to it: the weathering on the seat, rims, engine... the soldering marks and all the cabling. It's amazing! :)
  19. SteelSnail

    Academy UH-60L "Umbrella"

    I'm so excited to see how this turns out.
  20. SteelSnail

    Modern military figures

    Interesting! Will you add some melee weapons? You know, like a giant bayonet or a club with nails.